Mazda has rightfully earned a lot of praise over the last few years. People have commended the company for its new design language, interior fit and finish, and performance, and yet, the Japanese automaker hasn't treaded into familiar waters with a new Mazdaspeed model. While Mazda is capable of building an engine capable of such power demands for the Mazda3, the automaker has no plans to do so, according to Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Mazda's head of global development and product planning, in an interview with Cars Guide.

The news is disheartening for Mazdaspeed enthusiasts who are eager for the company to take aim at the VW Golf GTI, Honda Civic Type R, and others in the hot-hatch segment. Instead, customers will have to rely on the aftermarket scene for more power and performance. It was twelve years ago when Mazda released the Mazdaspeed3, but it didn't stick around for long, bowing out after the 2013 model year when a new Mazda3 generation debuted.

The publication notes Mazda peeps from the UK to Australia have stated a desire to see its employer resurrect a proper hot-hatch offering. But the company has no plans to produce it. This could be a ploy to keep rabid keyboard speculators at bay, but Mazda is a significantly smaller company when stacked against VW and Honda. Investing in a niche performance vehicle as the company pours money into new engine technologies such as its SkyActiv-X engine while also developing hybrids and electric vehicles makes little financial sense.

Would we love to see Mazda resurrect the Mazdaspeed nameplate for a new model? Of course, who wouldn't? But the company has been adamant about having no plans to do so. However, that doesn't mean the company can't change its mind down the road. Hatchbacks don't get the love they used to due to the growing popularity of crossovers. Maybe a Mazdaspeed CX-3 would be more appropriate.