When Ferrari introduced the new SF90 Stradale back in May, only very few had the privilege to check it out in the metal as the latest Prancing Horse was unveiled to a select crowd. For the first time, the supercar is on display for the whole world to see at a fancy new showroom located in a posh part of London. H.R. Owen has the privilege of being the first dealer to have the mid-engined beauty on display, right next to a Ferrari F1 car.

The first hybrid V8 and also the first-ever regular production hybrid from Maranello, the SF90 Stradale is more than just a simple variation of an existing product as it’s a brand new car. You’re looking at the most powerful car ever built by Ferrari for the road, one that can work as an all-wheel-drive car or even in FWD when in pure electric mode.

Gallery: Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Top Gearhad the chance to check out the car’s intricate exterior design with lots of aero wizardry to make the coupe as sleek as possible while staying true to Ferrari’s latest design language. Jack Rix argues the supercar looks more dramatic in person compared to the official images, with a wide body and short front and rear overhangs. Those intakes right below the headlights feed cool air into the front brakes, while the massive side ones make sure the engine works at an optimal temperature at all times.

The integrated rear spoiler has an ace up its sleeve as it boasts a moveable panel carrying the “Ferrari” lettering that tilts to act as an air brake or to provide additional downforce to keep the SF90 Stradale glued to the road. Even the forged wheels have been designed with aero in mind as they have equally spaced radial elements between the spokes that serve as wing profiles to make the wheel work basically like a rotor blade for better airflow management.

As special as it is on the outside, the cabin is perhaps more interesting since it represents somewhat of a departure compared to other models. That gear selector with a metal plate might make you think of an older model with a lovely gated shifter, while the numerous touch-sensitive surfaces have eliminated many of the conventional controls we’re used to seeing in a Ferrari.

The SF90 Stradale climbs on top of the company’s range and there’s more to come in 2019 considering a hybrid V6 will debut before the year’s end, along with two unknown models.