The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu has added a collection of cars used in the latest series of Top Gear to its popular 'World of Top Gear' attraction.

The feature, which is included with general admission to the New Forest attraction, has been home to almost every surviving retired screen-used Top Gear machine since 2009. Visitors can seen icons from across the reborn show's near-20-year history like the Indestructible Hilux, the home-made limos, amphibious cars, and a collection of 'Reasonably Priced Cars' driven by celebrity guests over the years.

More recent vehicles from the Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc-helmed series are also on show, such as the pair's modified Reliants, and the TRACKtor sports tractor.

Beaulieu adds new Top Gear creations

Now joining the collection are the the Triumph Spitfire, Subaru Brat and Nissan Leaf electric cars, the Overtaker hearse and the Austin Allegro estate and Matra Bagheera from the Borneo jungle film in the latest series.

In a bid to make electric cars more interesting, Harris swapped his classic Triumph Spitfire’s petrol engine for an electric motor, Flintoff turned a rally-liveried Brat into a plug-in hybrid, while McGuinness added a sporting look to an otherwise stock Nissan Leaf.

Beaulieu adds new Top Gear creations

The Overtaker hearse was the first car from the latest era of Top Gear to be officially shown to the public, appearing in the very first teaser trailers for the most recent series. The second-hand vehicle was turned into the perfect family car, with additions like a ball pool, Etch A Sketch, a secret sweets stash, and bright blue paint... naturally. It met a typically Top Gearish end when Flintoff rolled it while driving it off-road.

The Allegro and Bagheera featured in a film where Flintoff and McGuinness were tasked with finding rare but cheap classic cars, and then driving them across the Borneo jungle to deliver them to the unsuspecting Sultan of Brunei.

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