As far as crazy custom off-roaders go, this six-wheeled Hummer isn’t the most extravagant we’ve seen. That’s not to say it’s not impressive – provided you’re impressed by a massive six-wheeler that weighs 3.5 tons and barely fits down a UK road. Niall Seymour is impressed, and as well he should be. He’s the one who built this monster.

Hummers are rare in the UK, but this video from Barcroft Cars showcases the big off-roader making the most of the space in and around Kent. Seymour’s H2 is actually surprisingly stock when you get down to it, save for some snazzy lights up front and auto-deploying side steps to help passengers climb inside. At the rear, Seymour took the rear axle and pickup bed from a Hummer H2 pickup, stretched the frame on his SUV, and that’s pretty much it. It’s certainly a six-wheeler but truth be told, it’s not an actual 6x6. The rear axle isn’t connected to the driveline, meaning the two wheels at the back just spin freely.

Hummer H2 Six-Wheeler

As for why Seymour built it, he said he gets bored easily. Seriously. He also says it’s his daily vehicle and it drives fine with no issues at all, though we’ll assume he’s speaking about the mechanical functionality as opposed to navigating British single carriageways. That holds especially true since the video shows how a seven-foot-wide daily driver could be a bit inconvenient. Never the less, it certainly gets attention – even when parked next to a Ferrari Daytona Spyder at a car show.

Six-Wheeled Hummer

The video claims this is the world’s first six-wheeler Hummer “SUVT,” which in this case combines the H2’s SUV and truck monikers into one. Considering the H2 was a big thing (literally and figuratively) through the early 2000s but has been out of production for a decade, we aren’t sure that claim can be backed up. Still, it’s a pretty cool build and we suspect it’s an intimidating sight for other motorists. That’s gotta be fun to experience behind the H2’s wheel.

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