Porsche’s Top 5 series is back, hopefully, for a whole new season. The YouTube series highlights some of the most important models in the history of the German sports car maker and this new episode is focused on the most iconic American vehicles of the brand. Sit back, take a cup of tea, and join Porsche works driver Patrick Long, who takes you on a journey through some of Porsche’s greatest hits in the United States.

We expected to see the 1958 356 A Speedster at a higher position but at least we’re happy it’s here. Simple, beautiful, and timeless – these are probably the three words that best describe the open-top 356, which was one of the first models to be imported into the U.S. Ironically, it was also one of the cheapest 356s of the time.

Jumping more than 30 years forward, next is the 911 America Roadster from model generation 964. A 3.6-litre air-cooled flat-six, 250 horsepower, and Turbo looks – what more could you ask for? It combines the overall appearance of a performance model with the emotions of open-top California cruising.

From the same generation comes the third best American Porsche – the 911 RS America. Hardtop, lightweight, coupe, giant fixed grille, sports seats – it was all about performance and many of these came even without a sunroof or an AC. Only 701 were produced.

Position number two – it’s time for motorsport. The 917/10 was built especially for the North American market to enter an exclusive championship. It had a flat-twelve turbocharged engine with 800 hp. Patrick Long describes driving it as one of the most memorable experiences he’s ever had.

And now the big number one – let’s go to GT land. The Porsche 934.5 – wide wheel arches, single-turbo engine good for 600 hp, only 10 units produced for America. It delivered everything that the rule makers didn’t want to see on the race track. It was banned before it hit the road.