Making it's first public debut at the 2019 Goodwood FoS, the Ferrari P80/C is arguably one of the best Ferrari one-offs yet. Using an actual 488 GT3 racecar as a basis for production, engineers and designers were able to take more liberties to maximise performance and stunning good looks, with no legalities or homologation requirements to worry about.

Gallery: Ferrari P80/C

The video finally gives us an idea of the performance and aural experience of the P80/C, as we see it make its way through the 1.16 mile hillclimb course. Extensive aerodynamic data collected over the years have helped shape the P80/C, with the 488 GT3 aero serving as a base, then completely reworking the front splitter and rear diffuser. This led to a five percent increase in efficiency, with unique exterior bits and a body made up entirely of carbon fibre. The unique T-wing treatment above the engine bay is lifted from Scuderia Formula 1 cars, reducing the length of airflow over the rear, and increasing downforce. There are also no headlights or taillights to speak of, and you'll also notice a more forward oriented cabin with a concave rear windscreen. Paying homage to the Dino and 250 LM, converging near the roof line are flying buttresses, with the car being widest at the front axle, narrowing slightly, then broadening at the rear. The rear sports a carbon fibre wing and 18-inch wheels when setup in race trim, and an exhibition package allows you to remove the large wing and affix 21-inch wheels.

Sitting underneath the aluminium louvres is most likely the same engine found in the 488 GT3, a 3.9-litre twin turbo V8. It's most likely unrestricted, allowing it to reach 660 bhp. While no performance figures have been given as of this writing, I think we can all agree that Ferrari has created a stunning masterpiece in just four years. What else could they be cooking up for us?