Remember when we said that Volkswagen isn't done yet in setting a record at the Goodwood Festival of Speed? That came as a prediction rather than a premonition, but it's not without probable cause. The previous run looked easy, and the hillclimb-focused electric race car was able to do it in 41.18 seconds.

Well, that record didn't stand long as the same Volkswagen ID R did it again and broke its own record at the famous British Hillclimb event. The new time? 39.9 seconds, which was more than a second faster than its previous run. With that, the VW ID R has set a new record at both this year's and overall Goodwood Hillclimb record.

At the VW ID R's helm was Romain Dumas, who was the same person who broke the previous 20-year-old record. The previous record before the I.D. R happened was set by Nick Heidfeld in 1999 at 41.6 seconds using a McLaren MP4/13 Formula One car.

While that was an incredibly more powerful vehicle when compared to the 671-bhp, the motor-driven race car was specifically tweaked to conquer hillclimbs. To recall, the VW ID R had a record-breaking run at Pikes Peak last year, and it's no surprise that it was also Dumas behind the wheel of that one.

Armed with lightning quick reflexes and instantaneous acceleration, it looks like the ID R's new record-setting run will remain after this year's Goodwood. What piques our interest now is what would be the next car to smash the standing record.