It's not a secret that the latest generation of the Toyota Supra is highly based on the BMW Z4. In fact, the two cars are so alike that they both have similar interior, similar infotainment system, and yes, they both use the same BMW B58 3.0-litre straight-six engine. These similarities have made Supra fans furious, saying that the Toyota halo car is better off without the help of the German brand.

But Toyota did so for a good reason: an all-new, non-BMW Toyota Supra would have pushed back its launch later. Nonetheless, that doesn't make things any better for the Supra's diehard fans.

Gallery: Toyota Supra vs BMW Z4 Drag Race

But really, how different is each car in terms of performance, well, at least in a drag race? We're pretty sure that's a question you would like to be answered. Good thing, CarWow has put up the mother of drag races: the Toyota Supra versus BMW Z4. Let's crunch the numbers here first.

As mentioned, both cars use BMW's straight-six engine, which produces 335 bhp and 369 pound-feet, sent to the rear axle via an 8-speed ZF 8HP automatic torque converter transmission. The one on the video above didn't use the U.S. version of the Z4, which has a tad bit of power at 382 bhp.

Their major difference, however, is quite obvious with the Supra having a hard top and the Z4 sporting a ragtop. With this, the Z4 is a bit heavier by around 40 kilograms, which isn't much, really. So, it all boils down as to which car was able to utilize the BMW engine better.

Watch the video on top of this page to see which one crossed the finish line first. CarWow even redid the drag race to make sure that the results were consistent.

Source: CarWow via Youtube