This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed is simply amazing. So many exotic and cool cars debuted that we basically lost count but arguably the biggest and most significant new model comes from Ford. It may wear the plain GT Mk II moniker but is actually a pretty impressive and “as fast as any GT3 car.”

Two new videos provide a better and closer look at the track-toy of which only 45 examples will be produced. One is an official clip from Ford Performance and shows us the supercar on track – yes, this particular circuit seems way too narrow for the GT Mk II but at least we can hear the engine and exhaust notes.

The other video (below) comes from the folks over at Carfection on YouTube and takes a detailed walkaround tour of the vehicle. And if you are still asking yourself why is the GT Mk II that special, this video contains the answer – because it is designed as the ultimate example of what the GT can be.


Or, if you let Multimatic’s Chief Technical Officer, Larry Holt, describe the car: “The Mk II answers the regularly asked question of how would the car perform with all the limitations lifted: the answer is spectacular.” Multimatic is Ford’s race partner responsible for big parts of the development.

And if you care just about the numbers, here are a few impressive ones. The 3.5-litre V6 EcoBoost engine now delivers over 700 bhp or 200 more bhp than a GT Le Mans racer. In addition, it’s 91 kilograms lighter and generates up to 181 kg more downforce than the race car.

Ford hasn’t released availability info yet but we know the price. Each example will cost no less than £958,000 and, if you are really interested, you'd better hurry.

Source: Ford and Carfection on YouTube

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