You might be tempted to say this is just yet another special creation from Ferrari’s bespoke division like the SP1 and SP2 speedsters and the P80/C, but it’s not. What started out in life as a 488 GTB has been transformed by a third party into a tribute to legendary previous flagships from Maranello such as the 288 GTO and the F40 that followed it.

Created by a company called 7X Design, the GTO Vision is more than just a retro-flavoured modern prancing horse as it also takes cues from some recent models. Take for example the dual winglets at the back reminiscent of the FXX K track beast, while the rear bumper and diffuser might make you think of the F12berlinetta.

Gallery: Ferrari 7X Design GTO Vision based on 488 GTB

By the looks of it, nearly all of the exterior panels of the original 488 GTB have been swapped out to make room for the new bodywork completely made from carbon fibre to keep the weight down low. From the glorious F40-like engine cover to the 288 GTO-inspired double lights up front, the GTO Vision is a celebration of past Ferraris.

It’s a wonderful mélange of classic and current models, and it goes even further than that by riding on new wheels created specifically for this car. Many “floating” elements neatly integrated into the bodywork go to show this was more than just simply strapping on custom bumpers and calling it a day since the GTO Vision has what looks like a tremendous amount of new details.

We’re particularly fond of the slanted rear slats just behind the rear wheels like you’ll find them on the 288 GTO, while the fat rear tyres harken back to the 80s era of supercars. An interesting detail is the Ferrari badge at the front, which serves a double purpose as it actually unlatches the frunk at the push of the prancing horse.

The GTO Vision is more than just a one-off project as 7X Design mentions on its website that it’s accepting orders from people who own a 488 GTB or its successor, the F8 Tributo. It will cost you an eye-watering €1.8 million (about £1.6m), but the first five customers can get the custom bodywork for €1.35m (£1.2m). Depending on what you want, it might cost even more and you’ll have to wait between six to nine months to take delivery of the reworked Ferrari.