While offering journalists the first drive on e prototypes, Honda has made it clear that the small EV had an entire platform developed exclusively for it. But that does not make sense from a scale point of view.

The more vehicles a platform is able to support, the better in terms of amortisation of development costs. In other words, expect several different vehicles over the new EV platform from Honda. Such as this little electric sports car that has been revealed by patent images obtained by Autoweek.nl from Japanese patent offices.

Do they resemble the 2020 Honda E? The headlights, the taillights, the clean design, and the black finishing connecting the lighting elements on both sides of the car are clearly inspired by the new urban EV.

Will This Be Honda's New Electric Sports Car?

If you think it through, this new sports car is possibly the reason the Honda E is so powerful for its tiny dimensions. Although it makes it fun to drive, there is no practical reason for a small car to have 148 bhp and 221 lb-ft. On the other hand, such figures would fit a small and low two-seater perfectly.  

Will This Be Honda's New Electric Sports Car?

The guys at Autoweek.nl mention visible air inlets on the quarter panel of the future sports car, an indication it could have a conventional combustion engine. We beg to disagree and believe they may be there just to improve the electric motor cooling and allow for more aggressive performance.

From the Honda concepts presented so far as EVs, the Urban EV turned into the E and the Sports EV will probably give us a new production electric sports car. Will we also see a small unibody pickup truck, like the Tomo Concept? If the electric platform allows that, and customers want one, we don’t see any reason for that not to happen.

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