Radical Sportscars may be best-known as the maker of track-only monsters, but at the Goodwood Festival of Speed it pulled the covers off its third true road car.

The car has been designed to evoke a raw and thrilling driving experience on the road, drawing upon Radical's unparalleled racing experience.

It comes after both demand from its existing customer base, plus potential new clients, and is not only legal in the UK thanks to it being built in accordance with the UK’s Individual Vehicle Approval framework, but will also be eligible for sale in European markets. The car's availability in other markets across the world will follow later on.


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Radical Rapture

The Rapture is powered by a 2261cc Ford EcoBoost engine, delivering 350bhp and 320 lb-ft of torque. The powerplant is mated to a six-speed sequential transmission, and you'd be forgiven for thinking the car was all about top-end performance, but Radial has infact gone down the weight and efficiency route instead.

A lightweight spaceframe chassis underpins the car, with an FIA-compliant safety cell and crash structure, and a composite body which delivers high downforce shrouds it.

Radical Rapture

Inside the cockpit features a pair of moulded racing seats, incorporating headrests and multi-point harnesses. The dash is also bespoke, and features an LCD display with data-logging functions. There's even some normal car features, like heating.

Customers wanting a Rapture who aren't Lewis Hamilton will thankfully be in luck, because the car comes available with tailored track tuition, ensurting each owner will be able to push their Raputre to the absolute limit both on and off track.

Radical Rapture

"Radical has always been a business to push the boundaries; in developing Rapture, we listened carefully to our global customer base to ensure that whilst road legal, the Rapture remains an undiluted, out-and-out track car at its core," said Radical Sportscars CEO, Joe Anwyll. "We’ve distilled over two decades of motorsport heritage into the most focused, open sportscar possible. In Rapture, cutting edge direct-injection turbocharged powertrain technology and advanced underbody aerodynamics contribute to a unique package with electrifying performance."

The car will be available to order soon, but Radical has already recieved interest from customers in France and Germany. The first deliveries are expected to take place at the beginning of August.

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