Following a few spy photo sessions (and not even a single teaser image), the new Renault Captur debuts with slightly larger dimensions and a design inspired by the latest Clio supermini. Based on a new generation of the automaker’s CMF-B platform, the crossover has 85 percent new parts compared to its predecessor and is lighter, more aerodynamically-optimised, quieter, and more efficient.

The new Captur is 11 cm longer than the outgoing model, which results in 2 cm longer wheelbase. Depending on the trim level, it will ride on up to 18-inch wheels and will feature full-LED lights both at the front and the back. At launch, a total of 11 exterior colours, 4 contrasting roof colours, and 3 customisation packages will be available, resulting in 90 possible colour schemes – something Renault says is unique in this segment.

Gallery: 2020 Renault Captur

The crossover retains its C-shaped LED DLRs at the front which nicely correspond with the sculptured bumper. The taillights feature a similar shape and give the Captur a distinctive look together with the chrome stripes on the rear side panels. Optionally, Renault will offer roof bars or a semi-glazed opening sunroof.

If you’ve already seen the new Clio, the interior of the Captur won’t be much of a surprise. The dashboard is dominated by a large vertical screen and just below it, there’s a bunch of buttons controlling different functions. One major difference between the two is the so-called “flying console” – the area where the gear lever is positioned is elevated for improved ergonomics and to free up some storage space. Customers will be able to opt for a wireless inductive charging system for that space.

The new Captur’s boot will swallow up to 536 litres, for which the automaker says is a class-leading number. Additionally, 27 litres of storage space can be found in different interior niches. The optional Bose audio system brings an extra subwoofer to the luggage compartment but it’s fully integrated into the right-hand side, without reducing the volume.

Gallery: 2020 Renault Captur - studio photos

In terms of powertrains, the 2020 Captur will be available with 1.0- and 1.3-litre petrol engines with power ranging from 99 to 153 bhp. Diesel fans will be offered a 1.5-litre dCi unit in 94-bhp and 113-bhp flavours. Depending on the engine choice, five- and six-speed manual gearboxes will be available, as well as a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

More importantly, from 2020, the new Captur will also get a plug-in hybrid powertrain with up to 28 miles of purely electric range in mixed use. The so-called E-Tech mill features over 150 new patents from the French manufacturer and should become the segment’s first such offering when it debuts early next year.


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The All-new Renault CAPTUR:

All-new, still a CAPTUR



The leader in urban SUVs reinvents itself and reinforces its international dimension   2

A transformed external design, a reinforced SUV identity. 3

An interior revolution for a high-quality passenger compartment. 5

The All-new CAPTUR, the peak of customisation. 7

The All-new Renault CAPTUR INITIALE PARIS. 8

A re-designed range of efficient engines. 9

Renault EASY DRIVE: the most comprehensive set of driving aids on the market for the All-new Captur. 12

Renault EASY CONNECT: stay connected to your environment with the All-new CAPTUR   15

Life on board : Unsurpassed modularity and BOSE premium sound. 17

All-new Renault CAPTUR technical features. 18

About Groupe Renault. 19

The leader in urban SUVs reinvents itself and reinforces its international dimension

As a pionneer on the urban SUV market, the Captur has sold 1.2 million units since its launch in 2013. It rapidly became the best seller in its segment, both in France and in Europe. It retained this position last year when it sold more than 230,000 units throughout the world.

On a market that has become extremely competitive, the All-new Captur has reinvented itself by reinforcing the identity which brought its success. It has transformed itself, now displaying updated SUV contours that are both athletic and dynamic. Still just as modular, it has become even more welcoming due to an interior revolution within that allows it to enter a new dimension of technology and quality. Its features are worthy of any model in the topmost segment.

The All-new Captur’s arrival on the market forms part of Groupe Renault’s Drive the Future (2017-2022) strategic plan and is one of its key models.

Its importance is due, first, to its international dimension. It is now a true global product. Already sold on every continent, the All-new Captur will be manufactured in China, a highly strategic region for Groupe Renault. It now has the same name in every market, including in South Korea under the Renault brand.

Its importance is also due to its technological dimension as it meets the three pillars of the mobility of the future as presented in the strategic plan:

  • Electric-powered: by the end of the plan, the Groupe Renault will have 12 electric models in its range. New Captur will be the first Renault model to benefit from a plug-in hybrid engine named E-TECH Plug-in, the result of a technology developed in-house and by the Alliance.
  • Connected: at the end of the same period, 100% of vehicles on the company’s key markets will be connected. The All-new Captur perfectly illustrates this dynamic with its new connected multimedia system and the Renault EASY CONNECT ecosystem .
  • Autonomous: by the end of the plan, Groupe Renault will be marketing 15 models equipped with autonomous driving technologies. The All-new Captur will be one of the pioneers. With the All-new Clio, aids leading to autonomous driving will be fitted as standard to models in B-segment.

The All-new Captur is at the heart of the group strategy of reinforcing the synergies within the Alliance. This is realised, in particular, by the development of common technologies and by the use of new platforms, such as the CMF-B platform which forms the basis of the All-new Captur. Its new electric and electronic architecture makes it possible to build in the latest advances in technologies to meet the market’s new requirements.

A transformed external design, a reinforced SUV identity

With elegantly contoured wings, hollowed lateral lines and a floating roof, the All-new Captur is unmistakable. More athletic and more dynamic, it has developed greatly by reinforcing its SUV identity. This outer transformation has given it more modern, more distinctive and more expressive lines, whilst respecting the sensual aspects of “French Design” that Renault cherishes. The All-new Captur is longer (4.23 m, or +11 cm) and visually enhanced by its 18-inch wheels (depending on the version) and increased wheelbase (2.63 m, or +2 cm). Its re-invented design, its millimetre-perfect adjustments, its front and rear Full LED lighting with C-shaped signature, the slimmer rear lights and decorative chromed inserts all contribute fully to the improved quality.

SUV look

With its more athletic design and the raised waist of the body, the All-new Captur has a true SUV look. This is boosted by specific components such as the front and rear protection skis, the protective moulding that runs the entire length of the lower body and wheel arches, and its aluminium roof bars. The sculpted hood that falls away to the front, the more pronounced slope of the roof to the rear and the reduction in the glazed areas provide it with even more dynamism.

90 combinations

The Atacama Orange, Flame Red and Iron Blue are just some of the bodywork colours offered on the All-new Captur, along with Amethyst Black on the INITIALE PARIS version. Offering remarkable depth and sheen, they emphasise its athletic, dynamic design and the floating roof, particularly when combined with a contrasting roof colour. In total, 11 bodywork colours, 4 contrasting roof colours and 3 external customisation packs will be available at the launch, giving a unique potential in this segment of 90 possible combinations.

Front bumper and deflectors

Beneath the wider grill, the All-new Captur’s very expressive front bumper is not content merely to reinforce its personality and dynamism. It adds a functional feature in the form of two wide air deflectors in front of the wheel arches. These help to limit turbulence and improve the vehicle’s aerodynamic performances, thus reducing consumption.


Now with 100%-LED technology from the first trim level, the All-new Captur headlights retain the C-Shape light signature that distinguishes Renault models. Very stylised, they are complemented by additional segments: four front segments (2 per headlight) that extend the chromed grill inserts to give New Captur a more expressive appearance, and eighteen segments (9 per headlight) for the 3D lateral animation that brings more elegance. The whole is encased by a distinctive 3D mesh that emphasises the All-new Captur’s increased status.

Rear lights

The very slim rear lights on the All-new Captur retain the C-Shape light signature that typifies the Renault vehicle. A first on a production model! As at the front, there are the distinctive 3D mesh and additional front segments (1 per light) and side segments (8 per light) to further emphasise the design and animate the sides in 3D. The original design of these rear lights, mounted as they are in the tailgate panel, provide the illusion of an extra wide vehicle.


With its distinctive contoured wings, hollowed lateral line and floating roof, which is outstanding even if it is same colour as the bodywork, the All-new Captur’s profile makes it instantly recognisable. The increased wheelbase, 18-inch wheels (depending on the version) and new bodywork volumes make it more visually impressive. The extra quality is emphasised by chromed components such as the window surrounds, the side door protectors and the front wing decoration.

Rear panel

In addition to the C-shaped light signature, the chrome lines seen on the sides reappear at the rear. The design of the tailgate, with its very pronounced design areas, has been re-thought to provide a high level of finish.

Customisable roof

As a major part of the All-new Captur customisation programme, the roof is supplied in the same colour as the bodywork or in one of four contrasting colours: Midnight Black, Atacama Orange, Highland Grey and Alabaster White. It can also be fitted with longitudinal roof bars or a semi-glazed opening sunroof.

An interior revolution for a high-quality passenger compartment

The interior revolution initiated on the All-new Clio continues on the All-new Captur, which demands a true rise in category. It retains and develops the “Smart Cockpit”, angled slightly towards the driver, with a brand-new flying console. Housing the latest technologies and boasting the biggest screens in its category, it provides a resolutely modern ergonomy for a more immersive driving experience.

However, it is not just the driving position that is revolutionary. The entire passenger compartment has entered a new dimension of quality and comfort, giving it aspirations to higher segments. Top of the range materials, soft coverings for the dashboard, door panels, the contour of the centre console, meticulously finished fittings and a new seat architecture: the effects are felt at every level.

Multimedia screen

A key component of the “Smart Cockpit”, the 9.3-inch multimedia screen (twice as big as the 7-inch version, measured diagonally) is the biggest in the segment. This slightly curved portrait tablet brings a great modernity to the passenger compartment and its slight curvature improves the readability of its screen. Angled towards the driver, with its all-new connected Renault EASY LINK multimedia system, all multimedia, navigation and infotainment services are easy to access, as are the MULTI-SENSE settings and the parameters for the driving aids.

Digital instrument panel

Like the All-new Clio, the All-new Captur boasts a digital screen on the instrument panel. This colour screen measures between 7 and 10.2 inches and offers a very intuitive method for customising the driving experience. The 10.2-inch version includes the GPS navigation system in its display. With its two 9.3 and 10.2-inch screens, the All-new Captur has one of the biggest display areas in its category.

Flying console

The centre console too is a key component of the All-new Captur’s Smart Cockpit. Elevated for improved driving position ergonomy and to make the gear lever easier to handle, its latest embodiment is a wholly new flying version which gives the passenger compartment a more streamlined appearance. Above all, it frees up space for storage and for the location of the smartphone's induction charging system. This flying console is paired with a futuristic EDC “e-shifter” gearbox lever that ensures flowing, accurate movements to enhance the driving experience. Fitted with a boot, it can be customised to match the interior ambience and is underlined with an LED ambient lightning.


From the upper hood to the foam-like covering of the lower section that houses the practical components, such as the glove compartment, the dashboard on the All-new Captur has been entirely re-designed. Every effort has been made to ensure its quality. In the centre, the horizontal strip houses the air vents on two separate levels, along with customisable decorative elements. At the bottom of the central screen, particular attention has been paid to ergonomy, with piano strip buttons and air conditioning controls that are within easy reach of the driver.

Steering wheel

The steering wheel has been slimmed down to become more elegant, thanks to the use of a more compact airbag than on the previous model. First benefit: the driver has a better view of the screen on the instrument panel. With a thumb-rest and a thick, padded rim, the All-new Captur’s heated steering wheel is very pleasant to handle. It is equipped with a new and more comprehensive set of back-lit controls and its satin chrome finish adds extra quality. Shift paddles on the steering wheel equip all versions of the All-new Captur with EDC gearbox.

Passenger compartment

The passenger compartment on the All-new Captur is enriched with modern fittings and equipment that improve its comfort, ergonomy and quality. For example, the frameless rear-view mirror, automatic parking brake with auto hold function, sliding central armrest with storage, two USB sockets and a 12 V socket for the rear passengers, or even the door storage compartments, each of which can accommodate a 1.5 litre bottle.


With an entirely new architecture, the seats on the All-new Captur are worthy of the higher segments. A seat base that is 15 millimetres longer and a more enveloping shape provide greater support. The hollowed lining of their semi-rigid shell provides extra knee room for the rear passengers (+17 mm) whilst their new, narrower, comma-shaped headrests improve visibility to the rear. These seats contribute to the higher quality of the passenger compartment. Thanks to electric controls (depending on the version) or easier to access manual controls, they are both more ergonomic and easier to use.


Several packs are available for the upholstery on the All-new Captur, to contribute to the customisation of the internal ambience: Saffron Orange Signature Pack with black seats and orange side motifs in TEP and cloth; Architect Grey Signature Pack with seats made from a blend of black TEP and cloth with light grey side motifs; INITIALE PARIS Signature Pack with a warm Saddler Grey tone. Titanium black leather seats with light grey perforations are also available.

Door panels

Here too, the All-new Captur offers supple materials that are unique in its category. These lined panels are decorated with wide insets that, like the armrests, match the various interior ambiences available. The door insets also have the benefit of indirect, gentle, diffused ambient lighting.

Luggage compartment

As on the All-new Clio, the subwoofer on the premium BOSE audio system is fully integrated into the right-hand side, without reducing the volume of The All-new Captur’s luggage compartment. This volume is increased to over 536 litres (the best level in its category), in addition to the 27 litres of interior storage. Its volume can be adjusted with the rear bench seat that slides 16 cm and the removable floor, which provides a two-tier configuration to make every day loading easy. This produces an almost flat floor when the rear seats are folded down, producing a loading length increased to 1.57 m, 11 cm more than the previous generation.

The All-new CAPTUR, the peak of customisation

Almost 80% of Captur sales involve dual-colour vehicles and the model is recognised for its customisation options. The All-new Captur goes even further with an offer enriched with new options and new colours, available both inside and out.

Exterior customisation: greater choice

The dual-colour bodywork that is such a strength advantage on the Captur is available on the All-new Captur with new colour combinations. In addition to the range of 11 bodywork colours, 4 different shades of colour will be available at the launch: Starry Black for the roof and door mirrors, Atacama Orange, Highland Grey and Alabaster White for the roof, plus the same colour as on the bodywork.

The external appearance of the All-new Captur can be customised yet further with a choice of 3 colours for the front and rear skis and the lower door protectors: Highland Grey, Alabaster White and Atacama Orange.

In total, the All-new Captur will offer no fewer than 90 combinations of external customisation to allow the customer to create a Captur to reflect its image.

Interior customisation: a passenger compartment in your own image

The passenger compartment on the All-new Captur can also be customised with coloured components. These trims are offered in 7 interior packs:

  • 4 Vollubilis Blue, Saffron Orange, Chili Red and Ocean Blue packs to enliven the air vents and the base of the gear lever (from the second trim level).
  • 3 Architech Grey, Saddler Grey and Saffron Orange Signature Packs to enliven the inner doors, dashboard and upholstery (from the third trim level).

All told, the All-new Captur will offer no fewer than 18 interior ambience configurations. In addition, there will be 8 ambient lighting colours for the inner doors and the bottom part of the flying centre console, depending on the MULTI-SENSE system settings.


The INITIALE PARIS signature has been renewed to the All-new Captur too

Found on many vehicles in the Renault range – Clio, Scénic, Talisman, Koleos and Espace – the INITIALE PARIS signature is still available on the All-new Captur to offer the best of Renault’s know-how in the field of elegance.

On the outside, the All-new Captur INITIALE PARIS is distinguished by a clean, very elegant design and its exclusive optional Amethyst Black bodywork colour. In addition to chrome details that enliven the contours of the windows, lower door protectors and radiator grille,  INITIALE PARIS badges adorn the grille and the rear door guards. The shark fin aerial and specific 18-inch INITIALE PARIS wheels complete this distinctive design.

Inside, the All-new Captur INITIALE PARIS offers a Titanium Black ambience or an exclusive Sellier Grey INITIAL PARIS Signature Pack. The specially designed leather seats are distinguished by their electric controls on the driver’s side and the attention that has gone into their manufacture. They combine a quilted upper back with topstitching and a perforated leather design in the shape of the Renault badge, a whisky-coloured trim on the side support areas and an INITIALE PARIS logo. There is also a specific padded leather heated steering wheel.

To match the seats, the dashboard strip sports a matte finish with a highlight effect. The strip itself, such as the center armrest, the door armrests and the flying console, is covered with whisky overstitching.

The All-new Captur INITIALE PARIS will be available for launch with TCe 130 GPF, TCe 155 GPF and Blue dCi 115 engines with EDC dual-clutch automatic gearbox - and eventually with the E-TECH Plug-in hybrid powertrain. All these versions will be equipped with a flying centre console.

A re-designed range of efficient engines

The All-new Captur has also stepped up a class when it comes to its wider range of largely redesigned petrol and diesel engines. Paired with a 5 or 6-speed manual gearbox or a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, these engines provide an increased power range: from 100 to 155 hp for petrol and from 95 to 115 hp for diesel. They are all latest-generation engines that include leading-edge technologies to meet current standards and provide optimised consumption and emissions levels.

The All-new Captur portfolio of engines will be enhanced from 2020 with a plug-in hybrid engine named the E-TECH Plug-in. A first at Groupe Renault, but also a unique offer in its market. A popular model designed for a wide public, the All-new Captur will pioneer the spread of plug-in hybrid technology for all.

With its 1.0 TCe and 1.3 TCe engines, and the E-TECH Plug-in engine developed by the Alliance, the All-new Captur is the very embodiment of the synergies at the heart of the strategy of Groupe Renault and its partners.



E-TECH plug-in

Faithful to its tradition as a pioneer in the market, in 2020, the All-new Captur will be the first affordable model in its segment to be offered with a plug-in hybrid engine. Named E-TECH Plug-in, it has been developed within the Alliance. Thanks to the Alliance and to its own know-how as a European leader in electric mobility, Renault is making the unique driving experience that the hybrid offers accessible to all. Via the popular and iconic model that is the All-new Captur, this E-TECH Plug-in engine will, in time, be offered at a mid-range finish level. Focusing on customer expectations, it will provide the highest driving range in electric mode and the best performances on the market for a generalist plug-in hybrid model.

The Renault engineers have registered over 150 patents for the E-TECH Plug-in engine fitted to the All-new Captur. They have used components designed within the Alliance, as is the case with its new generation 1.6 litre petrol engine, which has been reworked especially for the occasion and equipped with a particle filter to reduce harmful emissions. It is accompanied by two electric traction engines, an innovative multimode direct transmission gearbox (an architecture synonymous with better energy efficiency, coming from the Renault F1 Team experience) and a 9.8 kWh battery.

Similar to that fitted to the New Clio E-TECH, the innovative technology of the All-new Captur E-TECH Plug-in offers maximum electric driving efficiency: it always starts in electric mode, and with silent, comfortable running plus market-leading dynamic responsiveness, it provides an unheard-of driving pleasure and limited energy loss. Thanks to a braking system taken directly from the electric vehicle sphere and the expertise in energy management from F1, the excellent energy performance allows a maximum of energy to be recovered and returned for rapid self-recharging of the battery.

With its capability of driving 28 miles (45 kilometres) at up to 83 mph (135 km/h) in mixed use and about 40 miles (65 kilometres) in urban use (WLTP City), the All-new Captur demonstrates a wholly new versatility: it can run without consuming any petrol on daily trips, whilst you can use it at the week-end or on holiday for long trips without worrying about the driving range.

Thanks to its specially designed reserve, its continuous energy regeneration capability and its two electric traction engines, The All-new Captur runs on long trips as a hybrid E-TECH model and retains the main advantages of that system: starting in electric mode and reduced consumption.



TCe 100, the versatile entry level engine

Following the All-new Clio, the All-new Captur is the second model in the Renault range to be equipped with the turbocharged 3-cylinder 1.0 TCe, the latest engine to result from the synergies within the Alliance. Its technologies, such as the turbocharger with an electrically controlled discharge valve, the exhaust manifold that is partially built into the cylinder head, the hydraulic twin variable timing control and the specific Bore Spray Coating, reduce its consumption and CO2 emissions whilst increasing the driving pleasure. With 100 hp and 160 N.m of torque, this new generation engine makes the All-new Captur a versatile SUV, at ease both in the city and on the motorway. It ensures optimum driving pleasure, thanks to an extra 10 hp and 20 N.m – available even at low speeds – compared with the TCe 90 which it replaces.

Combined with a 5-speed manual gearbox, it will prove even cleaner and more economical as it will be equipped with a dual-fuel LPG system. This factory-fitted system features an automatic fuel-switching mode.

TCe 130 GPF, combining dynamism and frugality

The 130 hp and 240 N.m version of the recent 1.3 TCe GPF engine is still available on the All-new Captur range, having proved itself in the previous generation in many other models in the Renault range. Offered in association with a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 7-speed automatic dual-clutch gearbox - compared to 6 previously - with steering wheel control stalks, its maximum versatility will allow it to fulfil every expectation and gain in smoothness and efficiency. Enabling dynamic driving whilst keeping consumption and CO2 emissions down, it forms the core of the All-new Captur offer.

TCe 155 GPF, maximum driving pleasure

The 155 hp and 270 N.m version of the 1.3 TCe GPF engine is designed for those who wish to taken even more advantage of the dynamic qualities of the All-new Captur and its new CMF-B platform chassis. The driving experience is improved by the 7-speed automatic dual-clutch gearbox. The gear change paddles located behind the steering wheel and the MULTI-SENSE Sport mode provide the aficionado with a greater feeling of sportiness and enjoyment at the wheel.

This 155 hp / 270 N.m version of the 1.3 TCe engine is calibrated differently from the 150 bhp / 250 N.m version which it replaces. This has allowed its consumption and CO2 emissions to be optimised to meet the WLTP approval protocol.



Blue dCi 95 and 115, latest-generation engines for extra frugality

The All-new Captur offers two diesel options suitable for users with the highest mileages. The 1.5 Blue dCi engine has been improved to meet the new emission control standards with the inclusion of a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. It is available in two versions to suit urban, main road and motorway use: 95 hp / 240 N.m with a 6-speed manual gearbox for super-economical driving and 115 hp / 260 N.m with a 6-speed manual gearbox or 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox and steering wheel control stalks for efficient, dynamic driving.

CMF-B: a new generation modular platform

The All-new Captur uses a new generation of modular platform from the Alliance, named CMF-B and inaugurated on the All-new Clio. Developed from 2014 at the Technocentre in Guyancourt, a full 85% of parts are new when compared with the platform used on the previous generation of the Captur.

This new CMF-B platform provides many advantages for The All-new Captur. It has a lighter architecture than its predecessor, particularly on the bodywork, axles and hood. It is also fitted with an underbody fairing that improves the aerodynamic performance with a Cx reduction of 20 thousandths. Two proofs of progress made in respect of consumption and CO2 emissions. The All-new Captur also offers greater acoustic comfort thanks, in particular, to the insulation of the engine compartment. The improvement is in the order of 1.5 to 2 dB between 0 and 80 mph (130 km/h).

To offer the best in terms of safety, the All-new Captur’s CMF-B platform has been fully reviewed and the structure of the body, side members and bulkhead has been developed, particularly by the use of high-tensile steel and structural adhesive to improve the bonding of the panels. These factors ensure additional safety for occupants. Safety is further reinforced by the innovative equipment fitted to the All-new Captur from the new architecture of its CMF-B platform: adaptive driver airbag, high-volume curtain airbags, seatbelt pretensioners with force limiters, ISOFIX mountings compliant with the new iSize standard.

The new electric and electronic architecture of the CMF-B platform allows the All-new Captur to offer the most comprehensive and most up-to-date equipment and advanced driving aids in its segment, from the 360° camera and automatic emergency braking with cyclist and pedestrian detection to the Highway and Traffic Jam Companion (level 2 autonomy), a first in this category of vehicle. Finally, the new platform has been designed to enable the electrification of vehicles and, therefore, the arrival in the All-new Captur range of the hybrid E-TECH Plug-in engine.

The arrival of this new platform in the Renault range is one of the key factors of the Drive The Future and Alliance 2022 strategic plans as, by 2022, 70% of Alliance vehicles and 80% of Groupe Renault vehicles will be built on CMF (Common Module Family) platforms.

Renault EASY DRIVE: the most comprehensive set of driving aids on the market for the All-new Captur

Like the All-new Clio, the All-new Captur is spreading the use of driving aids with the fullest and most advanced offer in its category, for peace of mind on the road.

The most notable of these aids is the Highway and Traffic Jam Companion, a rare feature in the urban SUV segment and, more generally, in the multipurpose vehicle segment. Providing significantly improved comfort and tranquillity when driving in jams and on the motorway, it is the first step towards the autonomous vehicle and will be available from the launch of the All-new Captur.

Along with equipment such as the 360° camera and active emergency braking with cyclist and pedestrian detection, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert is making its first appearance in the Renault range, to make leaving a parking space even safer.

The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) available on the All-new Captur fall into three categories: Driving, Parking and Safety. Together, they form the Renault EASY DRIVE system. Their settings are easy to adjust from the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system touchscreen.




The Highway and Traffic Jam Companion combines adaptive cruise control (with Stop & Go) and lane centering assist. Active between 0 and 100 mph (160 km/h), this equipment already runs on the versions with the TCe 130 EDC GPF and the TCe 155 EDC GPF with EDC automatic gearbox, and it will also be offered with the E-TECH Plug-in engine. It controls the car’s speed and keeps a safe distance from the vehicles in front whilst keeping to the centre of the lane. Especially useful in heavy traffic, this driving aid will stop the All-new Captur and restart it automatically in 3 seconds with no action by the driver.

The system uses a front camera and a radar, on roads where the markings (continuous or broken lines) are properly visible and on vehicles within sight. If there is no line, it only switches on the adaptive cruise control. If there is no vehicle in front, the lane centering assist carries on working (from 37 mph (60 km/h)), as does the cruise control.

The Highway and Traffic Jam Companion is a level 2 autonomy service that provides a much more comfortable drive. The driver must, however, keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. The system emits a warning if it fails to detect the driver’s hands on the wheel for about 13 seconds. After two more warnings, the lane centering assist switches itself off automatically.


Adaptive cruise control (ACC) makes it entrance to the Captur range on versions with an EDC automatic gearbox. Available between 0 and 106 mph (170 km/h), it automatically keeps the minimum safe distance from the vehicle in front. This distance – or to be precise, the time difference – can be longer or shorter (from 2.4 to 1.2 seconds; default 2 seconds), as chosen by the driver. If there is no vehicle ahead, it works like a conventional cruise control, maintaining the selected speed, including when travelling downhill.

Adaptive cruise control is accompanied by the Stop & Go function on every New Captur fitted with a TCe 130 EDC GPF or TCe 155 EDC GPF engine. In queues of traffic, if a complete halt is required, the system can stop the vehicle in complete safety and start it again in 3 seconds when the traffic starts to move again. Beyond 3 seconds, the system requires action by the driver (press a button on the steering wheel or depress the accelerator pedal) to restart. After 3 minutes of inactivity, it switches itself off. 


The cruise control and speed limiter is fitted as standard on the entire All-new Captur range. All of its control buttons are located in the same spot on the left-hand side of the steering wheel.


Using the front camera, the system automatically switches from main beam to dipped beam depending on the external light levels and the traffic, to make for easier driving at night and in very poor light conditions.




Already fitted in the Renault range to the New Clio and the Scénic, active emergency braking with cyclist and pedestrian detection maximises safety by warning the driver of a hazardous situation, and is capable of initiating braking if the driver fails to respond. It is fitted to every version of the All-new Captur and works both day and night.



Available on many vehicles in the Renault range, the blind spot warning system has been developed yet further for inclusion on the All-new Captur. The use of radar instead of mere sensors means it is better able to interpret the distances and speed of vehicles beyond the driver’s field of vision. It also warns the driver during a change of lane – when overtaking, for example – if another vehicle is approaching too quickly from behind.


Fitted to the entire New Captur range, this system uses the front camera to warn the driver automatically of the speed limit and suggest a change of speed.

On versions with the navigation system, the All-new Captur combines the information read on the signs with GPS data, for even greater accuracy.


This system operates on main road and motorway journeys, from 37 mph (60 km/h). It warns the driver and corrects the trajectory if the vehicle begins to cross a line without prior use of the direction indicator. This technology from the higher segments is fitted as standard on the All-new Captur. It reduces the risks, especially on long motorway journeys, where lane changing is one of the main causes of accidents.




Like the New Clio, the All-new Captur is equipped with a 360° camera. The four constituent cameras provide a bird’s-eye view of the car that shows, in a single image, all of the obstacles around the vehicle. It is ideal for parking manoeuvres or for squeezing through narrow gaps without risking damage to the vehicle. Very easy to use, the 360° camera comes on automatically once reverse gear is engaged and is directly accessible via the piano strip controls below the multimedia screen. The system shows two images on the latter: a front or rear view depending on the gear selected and, in addition, either a 360° view or a zoom view from the camera on the passenger side.


New to the Renault range, this driving aid uses radars to alert the All-new Captur’s driver to any vehicles approaching from the rear when the car is reversing out of a parking space.


12 ultrasonic sensors help the driver during parking manoeuvres by indicating the presence of obstacles and objects .


Already fitted to the previous generation, the reversing camera is retained on The All-new Captur to complement the 360° camera and make reversing easier, including reversing into and out of parking spaces.


Easy Park Assist (parallel, angle and perpendicular parking) makes all manoeuvring easy, whether entering or leaving a parking space. During parking manoeuvres, steering is controlled by the sensors whilst the driver merely has to control the pedals and the gearbox.

Renault EASY CONNECT: stay connected to your environment with the All-new CAPTUR

With the All-new Captur, Groupe Renault is continuing its strategy of deploying always-on connectivity and enriched services on all of its vehicles. It is made a reality by Renault EASY CONNECT, a package of apps such as MY Renault, by platforms such as the new Renault EASY LINK multimedia system and by connected services such as remote vehicle control. It is designed to facilitate the new uses of connected mobility, both in and out of the vehicle. The driver and passengers are thus able to remain connected permanently to their digital environment. They do so via the biggest screens on the generalist urban SUV market: an instrument panel with a 10.2-inch screen and a 9.3-inch portrait multimedia tablet.

Thanks to this new ecosystem, the Renault EASY CONNECT package can be tailored to each user and will be progressively enriched with new services on all of the multimedia systems on which it is installed.

New to the Captur range, the MULTI-SENSE settings enable you to customise the driving experience and the on-board environment.

Renault EASY LINK, an ergonomic, connected multimedia platform

On the All-new Captur, the Renault EASY LINK multimedia platform is available in 3 versions, all of which are compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay:

- A 7-inch screen version

- A 7-inch screen version with built-in navigation

- A 9.3-inch screen version with built-in navigation.

The interface to the Renault EASY LINK multimedia platform is designed to be ergonomic and more practical, inspired by the forms and practices of the smartphone, creating an easy-to-use technology. Some screens can be customised with widgets that take the user directly to their favourite apps.

Renault EASY LINK is based on four principles

- Always-on 4G connectivity that supports the integration of services such as the emergency call in the event of an accident, which is available on all versions of the All-new Captur.

- A platform that is always up to date, thanks to automatic updates. The navigation system includes real-time information from TomTom about traffic and danger areas, plus new functions such as search for addresses on Google.

- Ease of operation, via a more intuitive, customisable interface (search for an address in one line, as on a smartphone, direct links always visible to navigate around the main functions, shortcuts at the foot of the screen, etc.), an integrated 3D navigation system and the biggest screen in the category (9.3 inch).

- A rich ecosystem of services, with automated updates and continuous enhancements from partners such as Google, TomTom and Coyote.

MULTI-SENSE, the customized Captur experience

Renault MULTI-SENSE technology makes its appearance on the Captur to customize the driving experience. Acting simultaneously on the engine mapping, steering, ambient lighting and the configuration of the digital screen that has replaced the analogue displays, you can use MULTI-SENSE to customise your vehicle to suit your mood and create several vehicles in one.

The MULTI-SENSE settings are very easy to access via the screen on the new Renault EASY LINK multimedia system or via a piano strip button below the central screen. A single press will open the MULTI-SENSE window to change your preferences.

3 modes are available:

- Eco, for reduced consumption and CO2 emissions

- Sport, for greater driving pleasure, agility and responsiveness

- MySense (default mode), to customise your experience.

Eight colour options can be used to customise your lighting environment (White, Blue, Electric Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green and Violet), each of which can be used to illustrate your chosen mode.

Depending on the chosen mode, the All-new Captur’s 7 and 10.2-inch digital screens display a driver-customisable widget that displays, for example, consumption in Eco mode or power and torque potentiometers in Sport mode.

MY Renault, a whole world at your fingertips.

The MY Renault app has been re-designed to offer even more services than before and to keep your vehicle within reach. Amongst other features, it can be used to prepare your trip better, to provide a walking route for you once you leave the vehicle and to help you to locate the vehicle on your return. You can also use it to lock the vehicle or operate the horn and headlights remotely. Finally, it provides optimum maintenance management by monitoring the contracts log and the general condition of the car with reminders and, in some countries, it can even make appointments directly with the dealership.

All of the information is available on, where you will find support, an apps library, an on-line community and all of the tutorials and FAQs relevant to your vehicle.

Life on board : Unsurpassed modularity and BOSE premium sound

The All-new Captur is 11 centimetres longer than the previous generation and this only helps to improve its general appeal. The increase can also be felt on board where the space available for the passengers and their luggage is noticeably more generous: + 17 mm knee room in the rear seats and + 81 litres of boot space. The All-new Captur can thus offer a huge 536 litres of payload space (best level of its category), up to 27 litres of interior storage and, above all, unmatched modularity.

A key factor in the comfort and modularity of the Captur, the sliding rear bench seat has been carried over to this second generation. It can be easily moved 16 cm from either the passenger compartment or the boot, to make more space for passengers or for the payload. The back of the bench seat can, of course, be folded down in a 1/3 or 2/3 pattern, to obtain a maximum payload length of 1.57 m with an almost flat floor. The modularity of the interior is repeated in the boot, with a shelf that can be used to split the payload volume into two levels.

Besides the Smart Cockpit that helps to create an immersive driving experience, the All-new Captur has many features to improve the on-board experience of its occupants. The semi-panoramic sunroof makes the passenger compartment brighter, whilst the seats, windscreen and steering can all be heated to overcome any wintry shivers.

BOSE, premium sound and optimised technology

As a Renault partner for over ten years, BOSE has taken its premium audio system to a new level for the All-new Captur. It has been completely re-designed, with new, improved components and speakers and a new acoustic calibration, and it offers a more impressive, clearer listening experience wherever the listener is sitting in the vehicle, without taking up boot space.

The All-new Captur’s Bose system now has nine speakers instead of seven as before, as two extra tweeters have been fitted in the rear doors; plus there is a brand-new compact subwoofer: The Fresh Air SpeakerTM* (FAS). A world first on Renault vehicles such as the All-new Clio and the All-new Captur, FAS offers a superior reproduction of the bass frequencies without the need for a conventional large ported enclosure. Instead, the bass is sent to the passenger compartment via a patented duct system built into the vehicle’s structure. On the All-new Captur, the Fresh Air Speaker subwoofer is built into the trim on the right of the boot and takes up no storage space.

In the spirit of customisation that rules on the All-new Captur, the occupants can create the sonic environment of their choice by turning surround mode on or off from the audio settings screen, thereby switching from a neutral, head-on sound akin to that experienced in a studio to a warmer, more immersive sound. And to guarantee an optimum listening experience at all times during the trip, the Bose system is fitted with Dynamic Speed Compensation technology that automatically adjusts the volume and equalisation of the music in accordance with the vehicle’s speed, meaning that the driver no longer needs to worry about adjusting the audio settings, leaving them free to focus on the road.

* Fresh Air SpeakerTM technology is covered by an exclusive licence granted to Bose by Blueprint Acoustics PTY Ltd.

All-new Renault CAPTUR technical features

Length 4 228 mm

Width 1 797 mm

Height 1 566 mm

Wheelbase 2 639 mm

Trunk volume 536 l



16’’ / 17’’ / 18’’ – 690 mm



                TCe 100 / BVM5

                TCe 130 FAP / BVM6 ou EDC7

                TCe 155 FAP / EDC7

                Blue dCi 95 / BVM6

                Blue dCi 115 / BVM6 ou EDC7

                E-TECH Plug-in hybride