The Aston Martin Valkyrie is easily the most technologically advanced car ever to be made by the British brand. It comes as no surprise that the hypercar wears a staggering £2.5-million price tag but it does come as a surprise that a lot of people are actually willing to pay that figure. It turns out that even the brand’s boss, Andy Palmer, was also quite surprised by that fact.

In a recent interview to CarSales, Palmer admitted he and the company seriously underestimated demand for the Valkyrie when making the initial production plan. According to him, Aston Martin could have easily sold 900 examples of the hypercar instead of the 150 that are planned to be assembled.

"When we started discussing Valkyrie volumes we thought we might do 24 or 59. Then we said, OK, maybe we'll sell 100, well let's try for 150. It's then I realised I could have sold that car five or six times over and you kick yourself. And it is really painful, sometimes and one of the things I keep promising myself is that we say we're going to do 150 and we don't do 151 – I think it's really important that when you make a promise, you keep," Palmer told the Australian publication.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that the automaker will eventually build more examples of the Valkyrie. Not only that, but Palmer confirmed he doesn’t expect "lots and lots of derivatives" to be launched. That probably means potential lost revenue for Aston Martin but Palmer isn’t worried about that.

"Every turnaround plan needs a flag to rally around and to a large extent the Valkyrie was has been that flag. People at Aston were always good. I inherited a good bunch but they had their tails between their legs and they were behaving like lost souls. I needed to give the company something to get its swagger back.”

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