As we are inching closer to the highly anticipated reveal of the new Defender, more and more reports are emerging about the reborn British off-roader. The Mercedes G-Class rival has been in the news extensively during the past few weeks thanks to numerous spy shots, official teasers, and yet-to-be-confirmed reports.

Speaking of which, a new report published by Autocar gives us a pretty good understanding of what to expect from the resurrected SUV. They discovered what look to be internal slideshows posted on the forums – which you can access here – revealing just about everything you’d like to know about the new Defender. Those documents likely presented during JLR meetings reveal the model will be offered in three flavours: 90, 110, and 130.

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Launching March 2020, the smallest of the trio will be 4,323 millimetres (171 inches) long, 1,999 mm (78.7 in) wide, and 1,927 mm (75.8 in) tall, with a wheelbase measuring 2,587 mm (101.8 in). The first to arrive will be the Defender 110 this October with the following physical dimensions: 4,758 mm (187.3 in) length, 1,999 mm (78.7 in) width, 1,916 mm (75.4 in) height, and a 3,022-mm (119-in) wheelbase. Further down the line, a bigger Defender 130 is due in August 2020 for the 2021MY with an increased footprint: 5,100 mm (200.7 in) length, 1,999 mm (78.7 in) width, 1,915 mm (75.4 in) height, and 3,022-mm (119-in) wheelbase.

Seeing as how the Defender 110 and 130 are going to have the exact same wheelbase, it leads us to believe the bigger of the two will have an extended rear overhang to enable greater cargo capacity. When it comes to seats, the 90 variant dubbed as being a “halo, image icon” will be offered with a choice of five or six seats. It means the latter will likely have three up front and three in the back. The 110 nicknamed the “definitive Defender” will be available in five-, six-, and seven-seat configurations. As for the big one, the Defender 130 “premium explorer” is going to be available only with eight seats.

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In regards to the oily bits, the same documents show the 90 and 110 models will be available with three petrol engines and a trio of diesels, with all of them hooked up to an automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. The base petrol engine will be the P300, followed by the P400 and a P400e plug-in hybrid, while the diesels are going to be labeled D200, D240, and D300.

Due to the low resolution of the images posted on the forum, we can’t quite make out all the details and say these are the definite numbers, but the D200, D240 diesels and P300 petrol have four-cylinder 2.0-litre engines with what appears to be 317 pound-feet of torque for the diesels and the 295 lb-ft for the petrol unit. The beefier six-cylinder D300 is listed as having a 3.0-litre with what looks to be 480 lb-ft. The P400 PHEV with an electrified 2.0-litre mill has 295 to 476 lb-ft thanks to the electric boost, while the regular P400 with its conventional 3.0-litre straight-six seems to have 406 lb-ft.

Gallery: 2020 Land Rover Defender testing

In terms of performance, the base D200 diesel will need 10 seconds from to 62 mph, followed by the D240 at 8.3 seconds and the D300 at 7.4 seconds. On the petrol side, the P300 will do the task in 7.x seconds whereas the P400 models are going to need 5.x seconds.

There’s more to those yet-to-be-confirmed Land Rover documents than the technical specifications as one of the slides also does a summary of the trim levels: Standard, S, SE, HSE, and X. Depending on version, goodies on high-end configurations will include adaptive matrix LED headlights, 18-way adjustable electric leather seats, 12-inch digital instrument cluster, 14-speaker Meridian sound system, 20-inch wheels, and lots of safety and assistance tech.

The 2020 Land Rover Defender should debut in the weeks or months to come. Meanwhile, see the slideshows at the source link below for all the details.