We are probably living in the best of times when it comes to performance machines. As long as you are wealthy enough, you can buy anything from a humble pocket rocket to an AWD hot hatch and even a hybrid monster hypercar. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the front wheels driving the car, all-wheel drive, or the good old RWD – manufacturers got you covered.

If you haven’t decided what performance vehicle you want to buy, this video might help you. It comes from our colleagues at CarWow and – yes, features an interesting drag race. What we have here is a lineup of quite different but all very potent machines. Let’s take a look.

The FWD enthusiasts will be happy to see the bright yellow Renault Megane RS Trophy, which faces tough competition from the Volkswagen Golf R and Porsche Boxster GTS. You got that right – it’s a duel between front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive. Exciting, right?

Let’s compare the numbers first. The hot hatch from Wolfsburg has a 2.0-litre turbo engine with 296 bhp mated to an automatic gearbox with launch control. The Porsche has a 2.5-litre flat-four with 365 bhp and, again, an automatic with launch control. Finally, the Megane RS Trophy comes with the smallest engine from the trio – a 1.8-litre unit with 296 bhp and a six-speed manual, but it's also the lightest.

Of course, we won’t spoil the results of the race. Make sure to watch the entire video as after the standing-start drag, there are two other tests – a rolling-start race from 50 miles per hour and a brake test from 70 mph. One thing we can say is that you are going to be surprised by some of the results, especially in the rolling-start race.