This isn’t the absolute best look we’ve had at the next Mercedes-Benz C-Class, but we give lots of credit to walkoARTvideos on YouTube for finding a great place to catch prototypes. In early June the camera nabbed a camo-wrapped Mercedes-Benz S-Class caught at the top of the same traffic light, and now we’re treated to a next-generation C-Class sitting still.

We are treated to a lengthy look, but it’s not as if Mercedes is letting loose with camouflage on its C-Class prototypes. This car is wrapped front-to-back, save for an exposed roof which reveals absolutely nothing. It still has placeholder taillights and the entire front clip is awash with screens and false panels beneath the swirl wrap. It’s the same level of camouflage we’ve seen for months, which tells us we still have a long time before the BMW 3 Series fighter is revealed. However, we can see sensors up front behind the grille, no doubt for driver assist and possible autonomous systems.

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When the covers are lifted, we know the overall exterior shape will be evolutionary rather than something drastically different. We also know the C-Class should be just a touch larger thanks to its MRA2 platform, which will underpin the saloon for the first time. The size won’t bring extra weight, however, as the new platform makes prolific use of aluminium. Powertrain options aren’t well known at this relatively early stage, though boosted four- and six-cylinder mills are likely. We’ve also seen a plug-in hybrid prototype testing, and you know AMG will have some bonkers variant with a gazillion horsepower.

In other words, the new C-Class should be worth waiting for, and wait we will. It’s not expected to debut anytime before early next year as a 2021 model.

Source: WalkoARTvideos via YouTube