James May is back again. The former Top Gear presenter is a regular guest on the Drivetribe channel on YouTube – we saw him reviewing the Honda Civic Type R, talking about various automotive topics, and – of course – telling us which is the only car that should exist. And now he is back, this time talking about the Tesla Model S.

It’s not just any Model S but the range-topping P100D. If you’ve watched May’s review of the Type R, you pretty much know what to expect but this time the video is a bit longer. “This might be the greatest muscle car America has ever produced,” May begins his report. While not particularly impressed by the design of the saloon, he seems to be generally okay with it.

Saddle up for a straight-down-the-line, no-holds-barred in-depth review of what May calls the 'greatest muscle car that America has ever produced.'"

When talking about the interior, May points out that the colours used in the cabin make it look a bit plain and even encourages Elon Musk to use more contrasting colours. The infotainment system? “The infotainment system is just magnificent because – look at the size of that screen on sat nav mode.” He seems to be most impressed by the interesting features the system has – pay attention to what he says at the 1:40 mark.

The legroom at the back and boot space are also good, says May. In fact, the boot might be too big, according to Captain Slow, so he eventually gives it a thumb down. Generally, apart from being a bit too wide for the roads in Great Britain, May agrees the Model S P100D is “ludicrously good.”

As a final, unrelated note – at the back of the garage where May talks about the Tesla, there’s a blue, first-gen Ford Mondeo ST. If we are not mistaken, this should be the car that was featured in the final episode of The Grand Tour’s previous season.