Ah, the wonderful world of Lego. What is so captivating about sticking small plastic bricks together? To sum it up in one word, it’s all about creativity. Using basic, interlocking geometric shapes, a person can create just about anything, and as we’ve seen time and again, that kind of creative assembly is definitely not the exclusive domain of children. Some ambitious groups and even car makers have recently stepped into the Lego world with fabulous full-scale replicas of real-life cars, one of which can even be driven.

We try to cover every such offering when revealed because we’re total Lego fans, but also because such builds are impressive engineering feats. Building a full-size Lego car that actually looks like the real deal is by no means easy – it requires considerable planning and design work, never mind the thousands of hours for assembly. Looking back through our archives, we found no less than 16 such builds in our files, then found a few more we missed. 

You will probably recognise many of these, but some may have slipped under your Lego radar. Jump into the slideshow above for a refresher on some of the coolest full-size Lego vehicles ever created.