Because Ferrari is Ferrari, it's kind of hard for it to turn up at an event and not have something special on show.

What the prancing horse is planning on taking to this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed however isn't just special, but really special.

Ferrari will be showing off three of its unique special commissions to the UK public for the very first time at the annual motoring garden party, with the track-only Ferrari P80/C; the F12tdf-based SP3JC; and the Ferrari Monza SP2 all heading to the event near Chichester in West Sussex.

Ferrari P80 / C

The P80/C might be inspired by the Ferrari racers of yesteryear, but it's based on the present-day 488 GT3 chassis, albeit stretched slightly. The car isn't road legal, and it took longer than any other one-off Ferrari to develop, taking five years to complete.

Its dramatic wedge-shaped profile is unlike anything else in Ferrari's current range, with louvres and intakes littering the carbon fibre bodywork to ensure it stays glued to the track. The P80/C isn't all function over form though; not only is that wind tunnel-perfected body rather pretty, but the blue alcantara interior certainly makes your eyes pop too.


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Ferrari SP3JC F12 TdF

Ask Ferrari and it will probably tell you that the SP3JC is another 'one-off', but Ferrari SP3JC spotted in the UK with matte grey paint. Anyway, this car – basically an open-topped F12tdf – took two years of painstaking development to put together. 

Despite the similarities to one of Ferrari's limited series production cars, it's far more than just a hacksaw job. As well as the missing roof, the front and sides have been reworked, and there's now glass in the bonnet to allow you to marvel at the car's 769 bhp V12 engine.

Ferrari Monza SP1 And SP2

One of two 'speedster' Ferraris unveiled last year, the Monza SP2 is the two-seater variant. It is part of Ferrari's 'Icona' series, which is a collection of cars built in tiny numbers celebrating its greatest hits.

Like the SP3JC, the Monza is based on a front-engined, V12 Ferrari – this time the 812 Superfast – and once again the roof is missing. This time though, so is the windscreen.

We don't know quite how many Monzas are being built, or how much they cost, but Ferrari says they're only for 'dedicated clients and collectors'.

All three of these magnificent creations will be on show at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which runs from July 4-7.