Ah, the Autobahn. With the lack of speed limit regulations on some of its parts, we're pretty sure this thoroughfare is the subject of everyone's envy wherever you are right now – unless you're in Germany, of course.

This speedway had its share of speed addiction victims, but the latest one would be this Mercedes SLS AMG that has been tuned by Elmerhaus. Out of the showroom, the SLS AMG is already a fast car but with a little supercharging, this coupe could churn out 1,025 bhp.

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In stock form, the SLS AMG's 6.2-litre V8 engine could max it out at 563 bhp and 479 lb-ft torque. An even angrier version, albeit, electric (images above), could make up to 805 bhp.

As mentioned, the Elmerhaus-tuned SLS AMG on the video is supercharged, enabling it to produce a massive output of 1,025 bhp. We're not entirely sure of the modifications done on the gullwing-doored coupe but we think the point-of-view video is proof enough of its prowess.

Based on the run, the tuned SLS AMG could reach 197.6 mph on the Autobahn. What's disappointing, however, is that the original SLS AMG is rated to reach a top speed of 195.7 mph, which isn't far from what the tuned version could achieve. 

This begs us to question if this was indeed a top speed run. Within a few searches, Reddit was able to provide us with some answers. We found out that the same SLS AMG has reached 208.2 mph before, but the video is unavailable as of this writing. We're not sure why it was taken down but one thing's for sure, there is more to this SLS AMG than what was shown on the video above.