The BMW M5. Since the first E28 model back in the 1980s it’s arguably been the single high-performance sports saloon by which all others are measured. That’s not to say other automakers haven’t challenged the mighty Bimmer from time to time, but among ever-increasing competition from all corners of the world, perhaps the greatest challenge to the M5 is, well, itself.

That brings us to this rather lengthy video from DSC OFF on YouTube. It’s 42 minutes of M5 goodness with Russian narration that, frankly, we don’t understand in the slightest. English subtitles give us just enough to keep us entertained, if only for the bizarre and at times humourous alphabet-soup of translations like “which I envied just all flowers that exist.”

Admittedly, the cars keep us entertained as well, which includes three M5 generations wielding completely different engines in two winner-take-all drag races. Specifically, we have the I6 in the classic E34, the wicked V10-powered E60, and the current-generation F90 with its twin-turbo V8 turning all four wheels. You can probably guess which model wins.

Gallery: BMW M5 Generation Drag Race

Still, it’s pretty sweet to watch the action, though we definitely don’t recommend using a phone and letting go of the wheel at any point in a drag racing contest, even if it’s on a closed course during the cool down. We do recommend, however, paying close attention to the launch on both the side-by-side races. The F90 with its 600 bhp driving all four wheels leaps forward like a startled cheetah, but the old E34 with its plucky 335 bhp inline-six and manual transmission absolutely schools the V10 E60 off the line. We can only assume the super saloon had some traction problems, because it rips past its grandfather a short time later.

We have the video plugged in at the top of the page to start automatically at first drag race. Feel free to tune into the rest of the clip for plenty of BMW M5 love, among other things.

Source: DSC OFF via YouTube