The Westfalia name is likely best known among motorhome fans for the company's camper conversions of Volkswagen Transporter vans. The firm is still in business after all of these years and now shows off the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based 2019 James Cook model.

Gallery: Westfalia James Cook Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper

The James Cook makes the most out of a limited amount of space by incorporating an outward extending sleeping area at the back. The panel slides into the body when driving to make the vehicle shorter, but when the time comes to rest it can make more room. There's also an optional pop-up roof, too, for increased headroom. 

The slide-out sleeping area deploys in less than 40 seconds, according to Westfalia. The extended space measures 81.5 inches (2.07 meters) long and 55.1 inches (1.4 metres) wide.

A touchscreen infotainment screen on the centre stack incorporates the controls for the motorhomes. Duplicate controls are available in the living area or from a smartphone app so that any occupant can make the necessary adjustments.

Westfalia doesn't currently offer full details about the James Cook's interior. Judging by the company's images, the interior also appears to include a sink, cooktop, and refrigerator. There's no indication of there being room for a toilet or shower, though. The combination of white and black for the interior is spartan, yet very modern. Presumably, customers can likely customise the finishes.

Westfalia offers the James Cook in three body styles, and the outward sliding sleeping area comes on them all. The basic version has a metal roof, four seats, and two sleeping areas. Another variant has a pop-up roof, sleeping space for four, and four seats. The range-topping one has a high roof out of fibreglass, sleeping for four, and seating for four.