The 2020 Porsche Taycan is everything but a secret. The German automaker first revealed the 600-bhp Mission E electric saloon to the masses four years ago. Since then, the automaker has changed its name, released countless teasers, and promised a lot. The car isn’t ready for primetime just yet as test prototypes are still being spotted out in the wild. The latest trio of videos gives us our closest look yet at Porsche’s electric saloon.

This Taycan is entirely devoid of any camouflage. There is black tape covering some parts of the vehicle, but it’s otherwise uncovered. Then again, Porsche hasn’t been applying the most effective camouflage on some of its Taycan prototypes as of late. One thing missing from the Porsche in the videos is the lack of the audacious fake taillight stickers. On this prototype, the taillight covering isn’t red, but clear, another noticeable change from other test prototypes. This Taycan also features beefier tyres, too.


While Porsche has yet to debut the Taycan officially, the company has given a few details about its performance. The automaker claims the Taycan will hit 62 mph in less than 3.5 seconds while having a 310-mile range. Porsche extensively tested the vehicle, accumulating more than 3.5 million miles of on-road testing and more than 6 million miles of virtual driving.


The Porsche Taycan will usher in electric vehicles for the automaker. The company has already announced it’ll debut the Taycan Cross Turismo estate to expand the Taycan lineup in 2020. After that, more EVs will follow. Porsche has yet to release any official pricing information; however, it’ll reportedly start between £56,000 and £68,000 – falling between the Cayenne and Panamera in the lineup. We will see Porsche officially debut the Taycan this September.