The Mercedes Sprinter is among the most versatile big vans out there. With its high roof and capable power plant, it's a camper van waiting to be converted into one. There have been many samples of the Sprinter paving way to vanlife, like Wee Man's sinister-looking black rig or Storyteller's version of 4x4 camper vans.

Trakka, Australia's builder of on- and off-road motorhomes, has its version of a third-generation Sprinter camper van. Dubbed as the Jabiru, it has a 2S floor plan (two seat/bed), a solar-charging power source, and a very nifty swivel-out refrigerator.

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With two single beds that can combine to a double bed with sufficient natural lighting, the 23-foot Trakka Jabiru camper van is basically a house on wheels for outgoing couples. An optional air-conditioning can also be installed for hot climates.

Aside from the bedroom, the Jabiru also has a bathroom that has an electric-retractable toilet to maximise the shower space. Water to the toilet and bath is supplied by a 140-litre fresh water tank and drained to an 80-litre grey water tank.

The kitchen area, on the other hand, has a glass ceramic cooktop, microwave, stainless steel sink and plenty of storage. The stove, cabin heater, and hot water boiler are all diesel-powered coming from the same tank that fuels the 188-bhp turbo-diesel V6 engine.

Probably the coolest feature of the Jabiru camper van is its dual refrigerator layout. It has a standing one with a freezer along with a drawer that swivels for easy access from the outside. It's a handy feature, considering that you can opt to cook outside the van if you choose the Alfresco pack.

Powering all the electronic equipment inside the Jabiru is 200Ah lithium battery connected to 200 watts of solar charging (upgradeable to 300W). Now, you don't have to worry about going off the grid.

The Jabiru 2S Sprinter Camper Van starts with a price tag of AU$180,000 (approx. £100,000), while an all-wheel-drive version can be had for an additional AU$20,000 (£11,000). It's, as mentioned, sold in Australia as of the moment but if you're like us who are crazy for motorhomes, where there's a will, there's a way.

Source: Trakka via New Atlas