The Honda Mean Mower is back and even quicker than ever. In its latest outing, this Honda CBR1000RR-powered grasscutter set a Guinness World Record in the category "Fastest Acceleration 0-100 mph for a Lawnmower" by reaching that speed in an average of just 6.285 seconds.

The video above shows both runs that result in the average speed and suggests the Mean Mower might be able to reach 100 mph even more quickly. The first attempt requires 6.43 seconds to reach the target speed, but the driver slashes the time down to 6.12 seconds for the second try.

Gallery: Honda Lawn Mower Speed Record

The Honda Mean Mower previously earned the title of World's Fastest Lawnmower in 2014 with a top speed of 116.57 mph. The company returned to the project in 2018 to create this updated version. Part of the improvement effort replaced the original 108-bhp 1.0-litre engine from a VTR Firestorm motorcycle with a 190-bhp mill from a CBR1000RR. The rest of the powertrain, including the gearbox, clutch, ECU, and LCD instrument panel also came from the CBR motorcycle. With enough road, Honda claimed the revised Mean Mower could hit over 150 mph.

The Mean Mower takes its exterior design from a Honda HF2622 riding mower but with a custom space frame for handling the power. The vehicle's dry weight is just 152.3 pounds (69.1 kilograms), and the rig can still cut grass thanks to two batteries that power electric motors that spin carbon fibre blades. It rides on custom Hoosier racing tyres for providing the necessary traction.