Heaven on Earth for car enthusiasts? That would have to be the Nürburgring – a place where you’ll find almost all European and some Asian automakers with their future toys during the Industry Pool days. Nordschleife resident Automotive Mike on YouTube had a fruitful day earlier this week when he spotted not only a Lexus LFA, but also a pair of Bugatti Chirons tackling the Green Hell.

The reason why that LFA might look a bit familiar is because a virtually identical car (see photos attached at the bottom) was spotted in the same place back in October 2018. It’s not the exact same vehicle as the old one had the license plate ending in “61” while on this one it ends in “63,” but the two have the same wider wheel arches covered in camouflage.

If you’re wondering why Lexus is testing a car it discontinued nearly seven years ago (although it sold two brand new vehicles in 2018), our spies told us last year the previous prototype was actually a test bed for racing tyres. It should be a similar story with the “63” car seen here revving its glorious V10 engine while sharing the track with the Bugatti Chiron.


Speaking of which, the folks from Molsheim shipped two prototypes of the W16 monster to the Green Hell to test what we believe are bits and pieces for the hardcore Divo. Limited to merely 40 examples, the slightly lighter and sharper version of the Chiron was introduced in August 2018 at Pebble Beach as a sold-out hypercar with an exorbitant €5 million (£.44 million at current exchange rates) price tag.

We can’t be entirely sure this is a test bed for the Divo as we’re not excluding the possibility of this being a hotter Chiron in the making, like a Super Sport of some sort. Even if that’s the case, don’t hold your breath for a top speed run in an attempt to dethrone the Koenigsegg Agera RS speed king as Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann has ruled out this possibility. In an interview late last year, Bugatti’s head honcho also said no to a topless Vitesse.

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