As if the Aston Martin Vulcan doesn't look good enough already, a cleverly decorated one is about to compete in the Gumball 3000 that runs from Mykonos, Greece, to Ibiza, Spain this year. The camouflage pattern mixing a winding green colour over a base of light blue (or very pale grey) comes from the Avro Vulcan – a bomber plane serving in Britain's Royal Air Force from the late 1950s to the mid 1980s.


In addition to the special colour scheme covering this body, this Vulcan is also unique as the only road-legal example of Aston Martin's generally track-use-only supercar. Youtuber Mr JWW showed off the conversion from RML Group in a video in May.

Aston Martin Vulcan In Vulcan Paint
Vulcan Bomber

Compared to the standard Vulcan, the most obvious change to the street-legal version is a set of headlights in the front wings. There are also now windscreen wipers with washers, and the front splitter sits a little higher to keep it from scraping against the pavement since public roads are seldom as smooth as a racetrack. 

Mechanically, the V12 has modifications to make it comply with emissions. The tweaks include a new exhaust, but Mr JWW's video shows that the car is still plenty loud because he and a passenger wear headphones and microphones when taking a drive. There's also a different clutch and revised gear ratios for making the Vulcan a little more friendly to the driver on the road. The suspension is softer, too.


The Vulcan premiered in 2015 with a 7.0-litre V12 pumping out 820 bhp in the top power setting. The firm limited production to just 24 total units, and prices allegedly started around £1.8 million.