The category has pulled the covers off the FT-60, built around a Regional F3-spec Tatuus from Italy that comes complete with halo, front wheel tethers and a lower nose for added driver safety.

The engine package has been given a significant overhaul too, with the 215 horsepower 1.8-litre unit replaced by the two-litre turbo 8AR FTS powerplant, making 270 horsepower.

That additional horsepower has resulted in a wider tyre package than on the previous-generation car, the exact specification of which is yet to be determined.

Aero tweaks means the car will produce around 25 per cent more downforce, the car putting the series in Tier 3 of the FIA's pathway to Formula 1, alongside Regional F3.

There isn't expected to be a huge decrease in lap times, however, with the car weighing 150 kilograms more than the FT-50. 

The TRS winner will continue to bank seven super licence points.

Toyota Racing Series FT-60

"The FT-60 is a modern car that packs increased power and more downforce than anything we have had before in the series," said series manager Nicolas Caillol.

"It is a globally-relevant car and a globally-relevant championship for any serious young racing driver, and we hope to attract even more up and coming stars looking to make a step up in their career.

"They could be from Formula 4, from Formula 3, from the all-women W Series or from other Tier 3 categories in the FIA ladder. It is even relevant for those who have been successful in Tier 2 categories looking to consolidate and sharpen their skills, or gain more super licence points, on their final push towards F1.

Toyota Racing Series FT-60

“Our championship also offers what we believe to be the best value for money of all global junior formulae in terms of track time per dollar. That’s an important consideration for any driver and team these days and we have put that at the forefront of our championship offering.

"Add to that of course, five challenging and contrasting tracks and a five-week adventure in New Zealand."

The car will begin testing in Italy in July or August this year.

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