Audi is dipping its toes into online sales of brand new cars by releasing a special edition of the TT Coupe available to purchase exclusively on the World Wide Web. It’s not the first Audi to be sold online as a used car sales platform has been up and running on the Internet since fall 2017, but now the company is taking a step further by putting this Tourist Trophy up for grabs only on its online sales channel.

Available to order from June 5, the new Audi TT Quantum Grey Edition will be strictly limited to 99 examples in the European Economic Area (EEA) and will cost €62,305 at home in Germany. It’s important to mention that Audi is not cutting the middle man altogether as even though this is an online-only car, retail dealerships are still involved in some way. The automaker is reassuring traditional dealers that they’ll be an “integral component” of the new e-commerce contracts scheduled to enter into force April next year.

Gallery: Audi TT Quantum Grey Edition

Go to to digitally sign your name on the dotted line to own the limited-run sports coupe or obtain information regarding leasing or financing the car. Buyers from Germany can choose to have the TT Quantum Grey Edition delivered anywhere in the country, while a customer consultant can help you out with more details. It gets better than that as the employee uses augmented reality goggles to send you live images from inside the car.

What’s so special about this TT? Well, it’s got a slick paint job with a partially matte clearcoat and red contrasting accents inside the cabin. Audi mentions it also boasts “special equipment,” but without going into any details. We do know it’s based on the 45 TFSI Quattro S tronic, which in Audi terms refers to the 2.0-litre engine with 242 bhp, all-wheel drive, and a seven-speed automatic transmission.  

Compared to the model upon which it’s based, the Quantum Grey Edition costs an extra €18,455. That’s quite a lot of money taking into account it makes it €7,305 more expensive than the hotter TTS Coupe. We know which of the two we’d take, and it’s certainly not the special edition.

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Four rings launch online sales of new cars with Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition

  • Pilot project involving dealerships
  • Exclusive special edition limited to 99 units
  • Individual delivery and digital live consultation available

Audi takes e-commerce to the next level. Beginning June 5, 2019, consumers will be able to purchase new cars directly online. The first model to be sold exclusively over this sales channel is the Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition*. Customers can also inquire digitally and without obligation about leasing or financing and have the exclusively equipped, limited-edition model delivered anywhere in Germany. Audi dealerships are an important element of this initial pilot project for online direct sales.