Whether they’re small and affordable as a Skoda Fabia Combi or as large and pricy as a BMW 5 Series Touring, we love all estates equally. The latest desirable long-roof model comes from Audi Sport as Ingolstadt’s performance division recently launched a new version of its S6 Avant as part of a somewhat surprising diesel assault that also includes the S7 Sportback along with the S4 and S5 lineups.

Our long-time friend Auditography is usually one of the first photographers to immortalise a new product carrying the Four Rings, and his recent work involved the aforementioned S7 Sportback and this new S6 Avant. Footage with both TDI-powered models was shot in the lovely city of Rudesheim am Rhein in Germany where Audi Deutschland invited him to capture on camera the shiny new diesel estate finished in Tango red metallic.

Gallery: 2020 Audi S6 Avant in Rudesheim am Rhein

The SQ5 kicked off a rather unpleasant trend among performance Audis – the ghastly fake exhaust tips. While they’re not nearly as distasteful as they are on the SUV, it’s still sad to see the S6 Avant trying to trick us into believing those quad pipes are the real deal when in fact they’re just for décor. Pause the video at the 2:25 mark and you can actually see the real exhaust hiding underneath the rear bumper on the driver’s side rather than having twin pipes going through the bumper like any fast estate lover would’ve wanted.

It’s not all bad news as while the Audi S6 Avant with its diesel engine will have this controversial setup, in other markets of the world where the vehicle is going to feature a petrol engine, there will be functional quad tips. 

Should you want a fast estate based on the A6 Avant with real exhausts sticking out from the rear bumper's diffuser, the next-generation RS6 Avant is coming with its usual pair of oval tips. 

Attached below are a couple of videos released by Audi recently with the S6 Saloon TDI and the S6 Avant TDI.


Gallery: 2020 Audi S6 Saloon, Avant TDI