Being that this website is – emphasis on the motor portion of that url – we don’t often talk about things that don’t have a, well, motor. Cool camping trailers and caravans are an exception, however, and this nifty teardrop-shaped camper caught our attention. Its small size and attractive design pulled us in, but when we discovered just how light and incredibly roomy this trailer is – not to mention what it’s made of – we simply had to share it with our camping friends.

This single-axle camper is called the Teardrop; it’s from a company called Earth Traveler (via NewAtlas) and first thing’s first – it weighs just 21 stone 6 pounds (136 kilograms). The New Mexico-based company builds each trailer by hand using composite materials, but it’s not the kind of stuff you’re probably imagining. Well, not exactly – the company plans to offer two different versions of the trailer, with the T250LX being a range-topping model made from carbon fibre with a weight of just 15 st 6 lbs (98 kg). The downside is it's expected to cost over $30,000 (approx £23,600).

Gallery: Earth Traveler Teardrop

Photo Credit: Earth Traveler

The second model is called the T300, and we need you to suspend your disbelief for a moment because this will take some explaining. The primary material for this trailer is chicken feathers – yes, chicken feathers – set in resin. Company founder Angel Irlanda has experience working with feathers in fabric, and once the decidedly lightweight material is fused with resin it apparently becomes nearly as strong as carbon fibre. It’s a bit heavier (if you can call 21 st 4 lbs or 135 kg heavy), but it’s also significantly cheaper, with an expected price of just $10,000 (£7,900).

As for the Teardrop’s design, it’s an aerodynamic shape designed to be easily towed by the smallest of cars. Once at the campsite, front and rear gullwing door open to create an impressive interior space. To keep weight low, interior amenities are understandably thin and relegated primarily to sleeping gear, though the company intends to offer extras such as a small kitchen.

Right now, the Teardrop is still an in-development item, though Earth Traveler is taking reservations for both trailers. We wish this company the best going forward, because this is certainly one of the more interesting ventures we’ve seen in a long time.