In case you haven’t heard, Toyota partnered with BMW to revive the storied Supra sports cars. Oh, you have heard? Then you may not realise that the Supra shares much of its platform – including the boosted 3.0-litre inline-six engine under the bonnet – with the BMW Z4. You’ve heard that too? Yeah, it seems this partnership has become something of a controversy for Toyota, with Supra purists convinced it’s just a lower-priced (and lower-powered) BMW wearing a Toyota badge.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t a blast to drive. Our recent experience with the Supra revealed a terrifically exciting machine, though even with a fully open mind to embrace the Toyota-ness of the moment, we always felt a definitive BMW connection. It made us wonder what the new Supra would’ve been like had Toyota turned to a different automaker on this partnership.

It made the folks at Budget Direct wonder as well, only they took it a step further with a series of renderings that infuse Toyota’s design language with that of notable models from other automakers. If a BMW-based Supra upsets you, how about one with Ferrari or Mercedes DNA? Jump into the slideshow above for a flight-of-fancy tour of alternate-universe Supras, had Toyota looked elsewhere for assistance.