Carlex Design's latest project takes a Nissan GT-R and gives the coupe a far more luxurious cabin with a motorsport-inspired aesthetic. The look might not be your style, but you have to respect the craftsmanship that goes into such an exhaustive overhaul.

Gallery: Nissan GT-R interior by Carlex Design

Carlex uses a mix of red and black touches throughout the custom interior, and the firm uses a variety of materials, including multiple types of leather, Alcantara, and carbon fibre. The combination makes for quite an eyeful because there are so many different textures to notice.

The seats really show off this cocktail of materials by combining sections of perforated and smooth leather. The centres are Alcantara, and strips of red add a pop of colour to the mix. Contrasting red stitching adds one more detail.

Carlex continues this motif throughout the rest of the cabin. The team covers the dashboard in the eye-catching mix of leather. The centre console is now mostly carbon fibre, and the makers even upholster the rearview mirror. The entire boot now has an Alcantara lining, too.

The owner of this custom Nissan GT-R gets to enjoy Carlex's handiwork even when not in the car thanks to the leather key holder and matching bag.

Carlex doesn't touch the GT-R's exterior, and it doesn't seem like Nissan intends to change the coupe's look anytime soon, either. The company is still brainstorming about what to do with the next generation. The leading plan currently is allegedly to retain the same platform but completely overhaul everything else about the vehicle. The powertrain reportedly wouldn't gain electrification due to fears that the system would take the GT-R's price too high.