We told you not long ago that the Tesla Roadster is a dream come true for CGI artists. It's pretty amazing what we can do today with technology. This is especially true with the right concept artist behind the keyboard.

Mihai T. (3dm_automotive) has published a brief simulated video of the upcoming Tesla Roadster taking to the streets of London. Of course, since we make you aware up front that it's not real, you can probably tell right away. However, if someone didn't tip you off, you may have honestly thought this was a video of the actual car.

At any rate, it's amazing to see the flashy blue "supercar" going through the motions in the city. To see it instantly take off is incredible, however, the most interesting part is that the car won't need the help of CGI or any special effects to pull this off in real life. Unlike many other concept renderings, the Tesla Roadster has already been revealed and proven to perform like this in the flesh.