Once upon a time, drag racing was something that usually went down between a couple of hopped-up muscle cars. Times have drastically changed of course, because sights like what we have in the above video from Lovecars on YouTube are somewhat common these days. This particular showdown sees the formidable Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio taking on the equally formidable Mercedes-AMG GLC 63S – two people movers with terrifically long names and surprisingly short 0-60 times.

How short? Each SUV can cover the aforementioned distance in just 3.8 seconds, courtesy of engines that produce nearly the same power. The Alfa’s twin-turbo V6 develops 505 bhp whereas the mighty Merc gets 503 bhp from its twin-turbo V8. Both machines are quite heavy, though a notable advantage does go to the Stelvio. On the other hand, the AMG-tuned GLC has a significant advantage in torque, which should help the hefty SUV leap off the starting line.

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If this all sounds familiar, you’re not wrong. We covered a drag race between these two machines back in February, courtesy of Rory Reid and the Top Gear team. This time around we have an alum from classic Top Gear taking station in the Merc, namely Tiff Needell. A drag race doesn’t hold many occasions for massive power slides, but Tiff knows a thing or two about going straight as well.

The previous contest between these two luxury SUV competitors was excruciatingly close, with the Merc getting a better launch and holding it for the win. This time around, however, the GLC 63S is carrying a bit more weight, and well, the racing action is even closer. Can Tiff hold off the lighter Alfa? Hit the video above to find out.

Source: Lovecars via YouTube