The 2020 Toyota Supra isn't available at dealers yet, but the automaker's TRD team in Japan already have a carbon fibre body kit and wheels for dressing up the coupe's exterior appearance. The pieces make the coupe look a little more aggressive.


TRD uses carbon fibre reinforced plastic for all of the components of the body kit. The pieces include a new front splitter, side sills, and rear corner trim. A door trim panel that allegedly reduces air turbulence flowing along the body. An extended trunk lip spoiler extends the aerodynamic tweaks at the back, too.

In addition to the body kit, TRD has a set of forged 19-inch wheels with 20 spokes. They measure 9 inches wide in front and 10 inches wide at the back.

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TRD already has pricing for all of these parts, but keep in mind they are only available in Japan at this time, so folks elsewhere would need to figure out how to import them, which would increase the cost. The pieces are 320,000 yen (£2,285 at current exchange rates) for the front splitter, 350,000 yen (£2,500) for a pair of side skirts, 160,000 yen (£1,142) for the rear corner trim, 370,000 yen (£2,643) for the door trim, and 200,000 yen (£1,428) for the trunk lip spoiler. A set of wheels, including locks, go for 640,000 yen (£4,571).

Very early indications suggest that the new Supra might have very robust aftermarket support. Widebody setups are already under development, and at least one company is making a kit for swapping the fourth-gen Supra's 2JZ inline-six engine into the new model.

Source: Toyota TRD Parts, TRD via Facebook