The guys from Daily Driven Exotics are back with another video, cruising around Los Angeles with their buddies in a collection of supercars. Damon brings us along for the ride, making us feel like a part of the crew. While the Murcielago crash and its subsequent fire are an important part of the video, there's a lot of other stuff going on, too.

The video reminds us of all of the times we've cruised around with our buddies, including parking garage shenanigans and trips to the petrol station that consisted mostly of loitering. The major difference, of course, is the calibre of cars involved – these guys aren't rolling around in Type Rs, WRXs, and GTIs, they're in AMGs, Audi R8s, and Lamborghinis.

The setting of the video is a bit more impressive than most small-city cruises, too. For starters, Damon and Dave drive up and down the famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, revving their engines at nearly every stoplight. It sounds immature, but it's harmless fun, and it reminds us of our misspent youth.

A common theme throughout the video is Dave's oil troubles. While stopped on Rodeo to do some carspotting, Dave pulls out a rag to check the R8's oil level, which is down over a quart from where it should be. While they wait, they see a ton of exotic iron driving down the boulevard.

The guys head to a parking garage for some fun before returning to the petrol station for refuelling and some oil for Dave's car. At the petrol station, they get sent a video from a friend of theirs who wrecked their '06 Lamborghini Murcielago on the 110 freeway near San Pedro. The car struck a barrier and burst into flames, and the owner filmed their car burning to the ground. It's a pretty sobering reminder to stay safe and sensible, especially when you've got several hundred horsepower at your fingertips.

The DailyDrivenExotics crew is glad to hear he's okay, and like many a cruising session we've had, the night ends with a trip to Taco Bell.