The new McLaren GT looks to be a properly impressive supercar that also has some legitimate practicality. We’re only just now seeing the new machine, but McLaren already has an online configurator up and running so us mere mortals may live out our supercar shopping fantasies. No prices are included so we can’t follow our typical most expensive format, but we can spec up a new GT in just the flavour we prefer. Sometimes, that means forgoing a bit of fluff to better enjoy the beast within.

The first choice in the configurator is deciding between three specifications. Standard is, well, standard – the perfect choice for people who love lots of black and enjoy manually adjusting their seat. Honestly, that seems counterproductive for a grand touring machine emphasising luxury and comfort, so we’ll pass. Luxe is the range-topping spec and as you’d imagine, it’s filled with power everything, lots of Aniline leather trim, and six different interior layouts. The middle offering of Pioneer looks just about as good, with Alcantara swapped for leather on the headliner. That’s where we’d start.

With that lengthy decision over, things move much quicker. Of the 30 available exterior colours, we choose Kyanos Blue paired with the seven-spoke alloys and red brake callipers, because red callipers are cool on anything. Carbon fibre is also cool so we check that box for exterior trim, along with the MSO Electrochromic Panoramic roof that has adjustable tint settings. The Sports Exhaust option rounds out our exterior checklist.

Gallery: McLaren GT configurator

Moving inside, the Barolo interior option swaps the full-black treatment for a dark shade of maroon, while the optional Premium Pack gives us the kicking 12-speaker sound system and additional creature comforts like a power opening and closing rear gate. In select markets (including the UK) it also adds the all-important Vehicle Lift feature, and we definitely want that.

Under the miscellaneous options, we’d take the alarm upgrade and vehicle tracking system because you know our beautiful blue McLaren will be the envy of the neighbourhood. The Luggage Retention Strap sounds useful so we’ll take it, as does the McLaren car cover. We’ll never use it – this car will always be on the road after all – but any discriminating supercar owner must have a fitted car cover. Same goes for the optional (yes, optional) owners manual, and though we’re tempted to opt for the McLaren GT fitted luggage collection, we’re just not ready to step into that realm of affluent aristocracy just yet. We still eat at Taco Bell from time to time.

Since McLaren’s configurator doesn’t include pricing, we have no idea how badly our shopping spree dings the bank account. We suspect such things are trivial for anyone able to afford a £163,000 vehicle, but that shouldn't stop the rest of us from having a bit of fun. How would you build your McLaren GT? Spec it out and tell us about it in the comments.

Gallery: 2019 McLaren GT