Once legendary brand De Tomaso will be making a comeback later this year. Celebrating its 60th birthday, the company founded in 1959 by racer and visionary Alejandro De Tomaso will reveal a brand new car “co-developed with world-renowned technical partners.” Colour us intrigued.

In a new press release, De Tomaso explains its new model is called the Project P and will be unveiled on July 4 this year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Whether this is going to be a full or partial reveal, we don’t know at the moment but the company says it will release further details in due course.

“In 2014, Ideal Team Ventures (ITV) acquired the rights to De Tomaso,” Norman Choi, ITV and De Tomaso Chairman, says. “Ideal Team Ventures is widely known for its success with the re-birth of Apollo Automobil. Our latest project, the Apollo IE, has received worldwide accolades not only for its striking design and engineering expertise but also for the philosophy behind the brand, the car, and our team’s precise execution strategy. The same core team behind Apollo, including our technical partners, will now embark on the revival of the legendary Argentine-Italian automotive brand that is De Tomaso Automobili.”

So far, the revived manufacturer does not provide any specific details about its new vehicle. It does, however, refer to the car as being a “project” so our guess is that De Tomaso will show some kind of a concept mid-engined sports cars, which could transform into a production model if there is enough interest from prospective customers. Judging by the success the Apollo IE has, it will be really interesting to see what the reborn Italian automaker can bring to the market.