The UK's most annoying parking habits have been uncovered in a new survey by

The website's study revealed that parking in a disabled parking space, without a blue badge or disability was the most irritating parking habit in the country, followed closely by parking too close to another vehicle.

Taking up too much space when parking, and parking in parent and child bays, without any children, also featured high up on the list.

Mercedes improperly parked on a blue badge spot for disabled people

"It’s reassuring to see that parking in a Blue Badge bay without a disability is the parking habit that makes most people angry as it is totally unacceptable," said Harrison Woods, managing director of, a site which lists thousands of empty driveways and parking spaces available for people to pre-book online.

"Parking can be a contentious issue and the actions of other motorists can make some car drivers see red, whether that’s parking too close to another vehicle, taking up too much space or parking where it is not allowed."

Car parked on pavement

Pavement parking was also a popular pet peeve, with more than one-in-10 saying it was the parking habit which made them angriest.

Unless you're in London, it's currently not illegal to park on pavements in the UK, but fines can still be issued if you cause an obstruction. The grey area could soon be cleared up though, with the government saying that they will look into the issue once again. That could lead to a standard £70 fine being introduced for pavement parking.

Which of these parking habits makes you angriest?

Parking in Blue Badge bay without disability

23 percent

People who park too close to your car

22 percent

Taking up too much space when parking

18 percent

Using parent-and-child space but no children

14 percent

People who park on a pavement

13 percent

No contact details after vehicle been dented

10 percent

Cars parked on the street very tightly to each other