Motorhomes are not subject to the same rigorous crash safety standards as passenger cars, and to find out how they perform in a collision, Sweden's Trafikverket transportation agency put them to the test. The results are shocking to watch.

According to the video, Trafikverket decided to perform this test after several fatal motorhome accidents in Sweden recently. In addition, the popularity of motorhomes there has been increasing, including a 50 percent growth in sales since 2014. Since the organisation doesn't generally do safety evaluations on campers, these factors prompted the group to crash them.

Sweden RV Crash Test

Trafikverket picked two types of motorhomes. The semi-integrated design (pictured above) has a cab that comes from the vehicle manufacturer and a living area from the motorhome company. The fully integrated design (pictured below) comes entirely from the motorhome maker.

Neither design did very well in the crash test. Trafikverket predicted the driver of the semi-integrated motorhome wouldn't survive the collision. On the integrated layout, the body actually separated from the chassis, and there's no crash structure because the maker constructs the panels out of wood.

Sweden RV Crash Test

The test accelerated the vehicles against a barrier at 40 miles per hour. Because of the motorhome's weight, Trafikverket estimated the crash was akin to an average passenger car going 56 mph.

Trafikverket now intends to push motorhome makers to create safer products, and the organisation is discussing with Euro NCAP possibly making motorhome crash tests a more common evaluation. The group recommends that camper owners shouldn't leave loose items in the vehicle while driving so that there is less debris flying around if there's a crash.

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