The Lexus LC 500h Matte Prototype Concept debuts eye-catching Space Orange paint on the brand's luxury coupe at the 2019 Barcelona Motor Show. It's the latest special colour that Lexus is showing on the LC following Vibrant Flare Yellow and Structural Blue

Gallery: Lexus LC 500h Matte Prototype Space Orange

Lexus says that the Space Orange colour with a matte finish takes inspiration from the "tones that can be seen when looking towards the sun in clear sunsets." The shade also evokes the burnt orange hues available on a variety of cars during the late 1960s and 1970s.

Porsche 914
BMW 2002

Lexus also outfits the Matte Prototype with a set of 21-inch wheels with a semi-matte black finish and orange brake callipers. Space Orange accents also adorn the interior on the centre of the steering wheel, paddle shifters, passenger side dashboard trim, and strips on the door panels. 

The company doesn't modify the powertrain for this concept. The LC 500h has a hybrid-assisted 3.5-litre V6 making 354 bhp. It has what Lexus calls the Multi-Stage Hybrid Transmission that combines both a CVT and four-speed automatic gearbox to create a layout akin to a 10-speed.

There's apparently "something big" happening for the LC this year, according to Lexus International Strategic Communications Senior Manager Moe Durand speaking to Car Buzz in April. It's not clear what this vehicle is but might be the LC F or convertible variant, but the Matte Prototype likely doesn't qualify as a major expansion to the lineup.

Lexus calls this car a prototype, but the company doesn't make any mention of its chances for production. The Yellow Edition started as a one-off, though, so you shouldn't completely rule out the Matte Prototype seeing production, too.

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Lexus has unveiled the LC 500h 'Matte Prototype', a new prototype of the flagship coupe of the brand, at the 2019 Barcelona Motor Show. The creation is another example of the brand's effort to keep innovating, this time using special colours with original textures.

The prototype sports a colour called 'Space orange', which is inspired by the orange tones that can be seen when looking towards the sun in clear sunsets.

This spectacular colour, with a matte finish, allows the LC 500h to project an even more powerful personality, further enhanced by the striking 21-inches semi-matt black wheels and the carbon-fibre roof and active rear spoiler.

The use of the colour 'Space Orange' continues inside the cabin, where it is featured as a contrasting element on the instrument panel, the steering wheel and the sides of the doors.

The LC 500h ‘Matte prototype’ incorporates Lexus’ advanced self-charging multi-stage hybrid system, a unique offering in its segment. Lexus's renowned self-charging hybrid technology allows the LC 500h to recharge while driving, without any need for cables or plugs. Its motorization stands out for its efficiency, reduced consumption, low noise and softness.