You could say April was the month of SUVs at Ford taking into consideration that aside from unveiling the next-generation Kuga and the Europe-bound Explorer PHEV, the Blue Oval also previewed a reborn Puma. Well, maybe “reborn” is not the best term to use since it won’t be coming back as the attractive coupe it was during the late 1990s and early 2000s, but as a small SUV to complement the EcoSport.

During the event held in Amsterdam, Ford brought the all-new Puma on stage, but dimmed the lights to conceal the SUV’s design. For this weekend’s render, we asked our Photoshop master to figure out what's hiding in the darkness by imagining the 2020 Puma in production guise. Since it’s essentially an SUV version of the latest-generation, not-for-America Fiesta, it makes sense that the styling is heavily inspired by the supermini.

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Ford says the new high-riding model is going to boast “progressive and evocative styling” to guarantee buyers will be driving the “best-looking car they’ve ever owned.” We’ll let customers be the judge of that. There aren’t any teasers to give us a clue about the Puma’s interior, but logic tells us it will be heavily derived from the Fiesta’s cabin – pictured below.

Due to be unveiled later this year, the reinvented Puma will be built in Craiova, Romania where Ford already makes the Euro-spec EcoSport. Being based on the Fiesta, it means it’s highly unlikely to get an all-wheel-drive system, but people shopping in this segment rarely care about AWD. The beefiest version of the lineup will offer 153 bhp thanks to a turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost engine featuring mild hybrid tech.

Positioned between the EcoSport and Kuga, Ford will take the wraps off the 2020 Puma later this year and will initially sell the city-oriented SUV only in Europe. 

Source: Ford

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