The fire of hope for a BMW pickup truck has been completely put out, as BMW Group Australia honcho Vikram Pawah has confirmed that the world doesn't need a Bavarian pickup truck. Even better, Pawah also confirmed that badge engineering will never be an option for the marque.

Speaking to Australia's Go Auto, Pawah basically echoed what the luxury car brand's global R&D chief Klaus Froehlich said before. Pickup trucks have been all the rage for the past half decade but both Froehlich and Pawah see that only a fraction of this segment would want a premium-priced version.

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The confirmation, of course, is referring to the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, which sits on the Nissan Navara platform and then given a three-pointed star emblem.

Pawah added that a pickup truck won't fit the company's vehicle portfolio and that they don't intend to do so in the future. The Bavarian company is pretty much focused on making luxury cars and a premium pickup truck isn't really part of that. At least not soon.

“I don’t really see the need for it right now. We are pretty much focused on our luxury (vehicles), and I think the company has clearly defined that we are in the luxury business and that’s where we are going to be,” said Mr. Pawah, talking to Go Auto.

BMW's ideology is simple: In order to make a very good pickup truck, it has to be engineered with a body-on-frame chassis, which is a very costly development. What Mercedes did with the X-Class isn't going to be an option just to cut the costs because it would be against the philosophy of the brand.

Simply put – if BMW is going to make a pickup truck, it has to be a BMW.

Source: Go Auto Australia