McLaren family duel isn't fair at all.

If we had to name a single automotive brand that’s generally dominating the drag strips in recent years, that’d be McLaren. Yes, there’s also the Dodge Demon but that’s not a car we would describe as an everyday ride, whereas most of McLaren models offer proper everyday usability. And most of them are fast, really fast.

And just like any other brand, McLaren has a hierarchy among its models that puts some supercars above the rest in terms of power, acceleration, and top speed. The Senna is one of the kings in the range and just yesterday we learned about its actual performance potential. Max output of 724 wheel bhp at 7,300 rpm and a peak torque of 627 pound-feet at 5,430 rpm at the wheels. Enough said.

And because numbers alone don’t mean much, here’s a direct comparison between the Senna and another powerful member of McLaren’s lineup, the 600LT. With 574 bhp at the rear wheels and a 493 lb-ft of torque at the wheels, it isn't slow by any means. Yet, in this drag duel, the 600LT looks very slow compared to the Senna.

The video, uploaded by Motorsport Magazine on YouTube, puts stock versions of the two cars against each other and we have to admit the gap is huge. For a comparison, when the Senna reaches 124 miles per hour, the 600LT is still at almost 117 mph. The gap is even bigger at 155 mph – the 600LT runs at “just” 146 mph. That’s slow in McLaren’s world.

While even the headline spoils the results here, frankly, there’s no actual race. The 600LT is significantly slower and that’s fine – the Senna is just playing in a different league.