After seeing the Bugatti Divo at Pebble Beach last year and recently somewhere in the desert undergoing high-speed testing, the hardcore version of the Chiron has travelled to Europe. Spotted up close and personal by Instagram user lennykeinkravitz, the W16 machine looking like a fighter jet was caught in Germany, but not at the Nürburgring. It was actually filmed in Lütjensee, a municipality in the district of Stormarn.

The stealthy hypercar must’ve been a prototype judging by the Wolfsburg license plates and the lack of the wheel centre caps. The fact that it had a metallic black frunk as opposed to the matte dark blue/black finish of the other body panels also leads us to believe this wasn’t a production-spec Divo. Overall, it looks quite similar to the prototype tested in the desert, save for the different design of the wheels.

Gallery: Bugatti Divo spotted in Germany

It doesn’t come as a surprise the driver took his time manoeuvring the 8.0-litre monster out of that parking lot given the immense value of the car. Seeing the Divo in the vicinity of humble cars such as a Dacia Logan MCV or a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible further accentuates the wild styling of Molsheim’s spectacular coupe.

As a refresher, Bugatti is making only 40 examples and all of them have long been pre-sold. However, you might still have the opportunity to get one provided your bank account can handle it. The build slot we’ve mentioned before is still listed on, and it’ll set you back an eye-watering €6,999,000. At current exchange rates, that translates to approximately £5.7m, which although an insane sum, it’s still a lot less than the insane £14m La Voiture Noire one-off also based on the Divo.