We've written about Hennessey's dyno runs on McLaren cars before. Typically, we're impressed by the ultra-low drivetrain losses seen when it comes to factory rated horsepower compared to wheel horsepower.

While this could just be due to the manufacturer cleverly underrating their cars, we find ourselves eagerly clicking every Hennessey McLaren video we can find. This particular video was well worth the wait – finally, we get to see the range-topping McLaren Senna on Hennessey's dyno.

The entire car seems to ripple with power as it makes its dyno pull. Secured with ratchet straps, the car looks like a captured wild animal, desperately trying to break free.

As much as we enjoy the muscle cars Hennessey builds, there are few things more intimidating than a top-of-the-line hypercar – especially one painted in a sinister black, like this Senna.

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When all is said and done, the Senna puts down an impressive 724.13 wheel bhp at 7,300 rpm. That represents a drivetrain loss of just over eight percent, roughly half of what most car owners should expect when they strap their cars to a dyno and make a pull.

Torque was measured at 627.95 lb/ft at 5,430 rpm at the wheels, which is actually more than the factory rating of 590 lb/ft at 5,500 RPM. This lends credence to our theory that McLaren might be sandbagging a bit when it comes to their published horsepower and torque figures.

Regardless, those are some very impressive numbers for the McLaren Senna. What's even more exciting is that now that the car is in Hennessey's hands, the already-brilliant hypercar will become downright mind-blowing after being subjected to their tuning regimen.

We imagine that the Hennessey tune will consist of a software upgrade, as well as some exhaust work designed to help the car breathe even easier. If anyone can improve upon perfection, it's Hennessey.