The wonderful world of recreational vehicles covers an amazingly vast swath of vehicle types. Recently we’ve focused on some of the smaller options, like the oddball JDM Ford pop-up camper or even the Tesla-based Roamer that’s currently being built. Today’s motorhome offering, however, is pretty much the exact opposite of those. Say hello to the latest Unicat go-anywhere motorhome.

We saw a similar model from Unicat Expedition Vehicles back in November. This new model is also based on a gigantic Man TGS 6x6, but this one has a few notable differences. For starters, it doesn’t come with a cool matching trailer, but it does come better equipped to handle off-road excursions. In fact, the video host specifically calls this an extreme off-roader, punctuated by two massive built-in winches front and rear. It also has a central tyre inflation system, and being a 6x6 with enough ground clearance to host your kid’s birthday party, there aren’t many places this rig can’t go. A 540-bhp diesel will get you there, and if you get lost, its 800-litre fuel tank is good for a range of around 1,240 miles.

Gallery: Unicat IN72H Expedition Vehicle

Even if you do run out of fuel, this Unicat should keep you safe and happy until help arrives. We aren’t given details with regards to electric power or water capacity, but the interior is outfitted to take care of six people and features a sizeable kitchen with a stove, oven, refrigerator/freezer, and a microwave. There’s a large dining table with a sitting/sleeping area in the front, while a private bedroom with a double bed occupies the rear. In between is a full-service bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower.

This particular Unicat is destined for a customer in Mongolia, where presumably it will be put to good use. Unicat doesn’t mention pricing on such custom builds, but as you can probably expect, this kind of off-roader with luxurious accommodations isn’t cheap. To reach the truly unreachable areas of the Globe with some measure of home along for the ride, we suspect it’s worth every penny.