Daniil Kvyat has suggested that Formula 1 should do away with Friday running altogether on grand prix weekends because teams already know too much.

With the Azerbaijan Grand Prix having shown that there was little downside to having opening practice cut short in the wake of George Russell's drain incident, the debate about moving F1 events down to two days has again resurfaced.

And Kvyat has suggested that teams would not be hurt from having just one practice session on a Saturday – with the only requirement for an extra day being at all-new venues.

"Maybe we need to just come on the track on Saturday," said the Russian. "That's it. Honestly we are so up [to knowledge] on all the tracks we know.

"I think we need to allow extra time on new tracks, like its going to be Vietnam or something, maybe, but I don't know.

"It's up to F1 people to decide, what is best and what is not. Every driver is different. Someone needs maybe five hours. But not me."

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Red Bull boss Christian Horner thinks that moving to two-day weekends would make sense if the F1 calendar adds more events in the future.

"I think it depends on how many races we end up with," he said. "If we end up with more races, we arguably do need to condense the time.

"We saw that one session worked well enough on Friday [in Baku], so maybe just one good session is the way to go. Then parts and people can turn up a little bit later and one session is enough for the weekend."

Additional reporting by Oleg Karpov and Edd Straw